Huangshan Travel – My Second Day on Mount Huangshan (1)

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See the First Light of the Morning (Dawn)
The sunrise time for today was 6:05am. I set my morning call at 5:20am. After simple washing and putting on the winter jacket, I went down to the hotel lobby, finding many  tenants like me hurrying out to see the first light of the morning at Dawn Pavilion, the best point to view the dawn and twilight in Huangshan.

It was still dark outside. Some people climbed up to the Dawn Pavilion by using flashlights. Hiking for about 500 meters, we got to the Dawn Pavilion to the north of our Beihai Hotel. We were lucky to catch the dawn and twilight just in time, but a little disappointed that the sunrise was blocked the Beginning-to-believe Peak to our east. Maybe that’s why it is called “Dawn Pavilion” instead of “Sunrise Pavilion”.

The Beginning-to-believe Peak in silhouette during the Dawn

The Beginning-to-believe Peak in silhouette during the twilight

1.5km Walk from Beihai Hotel to Red Cloud Cableway Station
At 8:30 we started our 1.5km walk towards Taiping Telpher with its upper station called”Red Cloud Cableway Station” and “Songgu Cableway Station” down the mountain.

We rambled along the stone paved roads winding under arched trees in colours. One pine tree caught my eyed – “Tuanjiesong”. The tree is 14.5 meters high. We also passed Xihai Hotel and Cloud Dispelling Hotel (where we has lunch later) before we got to Taiping Cableway.

Walking under the arched trees

The Pine Tree is called Tuanjiesong, 14.5 meters high

Taking Taiping Telpher
It was my time to take Taiping Cableway. The upper station is called “Red Cloud Station” since it is nestled by the side of Red Cloud Peak, also a perfect point to see the sunset. Unlike Yungu Telpher, Taiping Telpher runs every half hour with a huge cable car holding around 30-40 people per time.

The 10-minute cable car experience was amazing! It was thrilled to view the picturesque peaks, rocks and trees passing by. The passengers on the car were all busy in taking photos.

Red Cloud Station at Taiping Telpher

Step into the huge cable car

busy in taking photos

Another cable car on its way

Taiping Telpher is said to be the longest cableway in Asia

The Pine Trees Rooted in the Rocks

Breath taking view of the mountains

 Walk from Songgu Cable Car Station and visit Emerald Pool
Songgu Station is the lower cable car station of Taiping Telpher. “Songgu” means pine tree valley. But we also saw lots of bamboo trees.

The road leading to the Emerald Pool is called “Bamboo Passage”.

The bamboo passage leads to our next destination – Emerald Pool

Emerald Pool

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