Top 10 Attractions in Huangshan (Tips, Photos & Map)

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Plan your Huangshan Tour? “Huangshan (黄山)”  has two meanings – Huangshan Mountain and the city of Huangshan which is named after the Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain).

Huangshan Mountain is about 70km north of Huangshan City.

Mt.Huangshan  (Mount Huangshan or Huangshan Mountain) literally, Yellow Mountain, is a mountain range in southern Anhui province in eastern China.

Mount Huangshan  is world-famous for its beautiful landscape – sunrise, sunset, granite peaks, pine trees, and the other-worldly sea of the clouds. Also much of Huangshan Mountain’s reputation comes from its significant impact on Chinese art, literature and profound cultural resources.

The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO put Mount Huangshan on the list of World Natural and Cultural Heritage  in 1990. Mount Huangshan was named the “sister mountain” of Jungfrau in the Swiss Alps.

My version of Top 10 Attractions in Mount Huangshan is focused on Mount Mountain itself instead of the greater Huangshan City area.

For Huangshan Best Visiting Time, check out Best Time to Visit Huangshan for more information.

1. Welcome Pine (Ying Ke Song) 迎客松

The Welcome Pine is a symbol of Mount.Huangshan, a national pride featuring her integrity. The painting or picture of  this Welcome Pine Tree is often seen in some important and solemn areas in China.

The Welcome Pine stands firmly by the side of the Qingshi Stone on the left side of  Yupinglou Hotel in the Hangshan Scenic Area. The Welcome Pine is at the altitude of 1770  meters with its two branches stretching out over 7 meters, resembling a host extending her two arms to welcome the tourists coming from all parts of the world.

Actually the gnarled forms of  pine trees are  ubiquitous in Huangshan. But this greeting pine tree is the most impressive and representative. It is not surprising that people have to line up to take pictures of the welcome pine in tourist season.

How to get there ? Most people would go up to the summit of Mount Huangshan through either the Eastern Steps or Western Steps (  Walking up or taking  cable car).

For faster way of going up to see the Welcome Pine, you may choose to walk or take the cable through the Western Steps starting from Mercy Light Temple Cable Car Station up to the Yuping Cable Car Station or you may challenge yourself by hiking over 10km route.

Walking from Mercy Light Temple to the Welcome Pine Tree takes about 3 hours. If you take the cable car,  you still need to walk another 40 minutes one you arrive at the Cable Car Station on the western hillside.

Welcome Pine (Ying Ke Song)
Welcome Pine (Ying Ke Song)

2. Bright Summit (Peak)  光明顶

The Bright Summit is situated on Mt.Huangshan at the altitude of 1860, the second highest peaks and one of the three main peaks in Mt.Huangshan. The Bright Peak is relatively flat where you can easily view the supernatural Eastern Sea, Western Peaks, Tiandu Peak, Lianhua Peak with a longer sunshine time, hence the Bright Summit.

The Bright Summit is one of the best places to view the sunrise and the clouds of sea. Huangshan Meteorological Station lies on the summit. You may hike to the Bright Summit either from Cloud Dispelling Hotel or Baiyun Hotel.

Last time from Cloud Dispelling Hotel, we started our 3km hike up to the Bright Summit (光明顶), the second highest peak in Hangshan, 1860 meters in altitude and on to our hotel – Baiyun Hotel.

Later this 3km walk turned out to be the most difficult on our two day trip in Huangshan. It took us over three hours walking from Cloud Dispelling Hotel to Beiyun Hotel by climbing over the Bright Summit.

Bright Summit
Bright Summit

3. Xihai Great Canyon (West Sea Canyon) 西海大峡谷

Xihai Great Canyon is a new developed scenery as the result of years’ efforts building the facilities to have better views of the gorge.  The first phase of the building is finished.

Xihai Great Canyon Scenic Area is about 25 square km with a length of 15 km. People can stand on the middle hillside to view the canyon in a hovering way.

It is a hard and awe-inspiring hike  to the gorge ( Xihai Great Canyon ).  Normally it takes 4 hours to complete the up and down loop hike. You may access the canyon starting from the northern entrance near Paiyunlou Hotel (Cloud Dispelling Hotel).

 Xihai Great Canyon (West Sea Canyon)
Xihai Great Canyon (West Sea Canyon)

4. Cloud Dispelling  Pavilion 排云亭

The Cloud Dispelling Pavilion is on the west of Mount Huangshan at the entrance to the Western Sea Canyon. The Pavilion was built in the year of 1925. It is a long scenic pavilion made of marble granite slabs carved with three Chinese characters “排云亭” ( Cloud Dispelling Pavilion).

Sometimes  clouds rise from the nearby gorges and flock the pavilion and reluctant to disperse. Standing at the pavilion, you will see the peaks in the mist of the clouds, hence of the name of Cloud Dispelling Pavilion.

Cloud Dispelling Pavilion is also a good point of viewing the queer rockeries on the mountain, hence another nickname of Weird Rockeries Exhibition Hall”.  An old pine tree in front of the pavilion is listed as World Cultural Heritage.  The pine tree’s root goes deep into the rock and cuts the rock into three pieces. The tree is 6. meters high and 150 years old.

From Cloud Dispelling Hotel,you may hike up to the Flying-over Rock and Bright Summit, or hike down to the Xinhai Great Canyon.

Cloud Dispelling Pavilion
Cloud Dispelling Pavilion

5. Flying-over Rock 飞来石

Yellow Mountain is famed for its weird rocks in different shapes. The Flying-over Rock is the most impressive and representative. The area around the Flying-over Rock comprises 30% of the queer rocks in Mount Huangshan.

The Flying-over Rock on the way up from Cloud Dispelling Hotel on to the Bright Summit. The Flying-over Rock is about 1 km down to its northwest. It is said that you will have luck if you touch the rock.

 Flying-over Rock
Flying-over Rock

6. Lianhua Peak ( Lotus Flower Peak ) 莲花峰

Lianhua Peak is the highest peak in East China, of course in Huangshan at the altitude of 1864 meters. There is only one walking path up the peak starting from Yupinglou Hotel.

The 1.5 km hike from Lianhua range to Lianhua Peak, you will see beautiful pine trees and other attractions. On the summit of Lianhua Peak,  you will view Tianmushan in to the east, Lushan to the west, Jiuhuashan to the north  and Yangtze River. Like other peaks in Huangshan, Lianhua Peak is fenced with iron railings hung with  locks for good wishes.

Lianhua Peak ( Lotus Flower Peak )
Lianhua Peak ( Lotus Flower Peak )

7. Tiandu Peak ( Heavenly Capital Peak ) 天都峰

Facing Lianhua Peak to the west, Tiandu Peak stands on the southeast of Mt.Huangshan at the altitude of 1810. One of the three peaks in Huangsan and the other two being Lianhua Peak and Bright Peak.

Tiandu Peak ( Image Credit:

Tiandu Peak literally means “Heaven Capital” which comes from the ancient legend that the peak is where the immortals gather, hence the name of Heaven Capital Peak.

On the top of the peak is a flat summit where there is a stone chamber that can  hold approx 100 people. Tiandu Peak is the most risky,steep peak among the three main peaks in Huangshan.

8. Beginning-to-believe Peak  始信峰

If you don’t ascend Beginning-to-believe Peak at the altitude of 1668 meters, you don’t know Huangshan pines.  Here are clustered with many famous pine trees in Mount Huangshan.

Long long time ago, a man was doubtful of the beauty of Mount Huangshan and at last visited Huangshan. He was shocked by the beauty and began to believe the charm of M.t. Huangshan, hence the name of Beginning-to-believe Peak.

There is a wide selection of famous pine trees like Black Tiger Pine, Lianli Pine, Sleeping Dragon Pine. Beginning-to-believe Peak is on the summit of Mount Hangshan.

It is better to take the east steps or taking the cable car from Yungu Telpher New Station and get off at White Goose Telpher Station, then walk to Beginning-to-believe Peak.

The sunrise glow over the Beginning-to-believe Peak

9.  A Flower on the Brush Tip  梦笔生花

You continue to walk from Beginning-to-believe Peak on to the north, you will soon see ” A Flower on the Brush Tip”, also known as Brush Peak. It is located on the northeast of Mount Huangshan, not far from Beihai Hotel.

A Flower on the Brush Tip is one of the most impressive site in Huangshan Mountain. On the sea of pines, a rock stands out round below and sharp above with a pine tree on the tip, a natural brush pen.

A Flower on the Brush Tip
A Flower on the Brush Tip

10. Stone Monkey Gazing over the Sea of Clouds 猴子观海

If you continue to walk from Beihai Hotel for over 10 minutes, you will see the queer stone on the top of a peak which has an interesting name of Stone Monkey Gazing over the Sea of Clouds.

A rock in the shape of a monkey and stone monkey look as if it is looking afar or going to jump into the sea of clouds. When clouds disperse,  the monkey is looking at the peaceful fields below.

Stone Monkey Gazing over the Sea of Clouds

Admissions and expenses concerned

Entrance Fee: RMB 230 (March – Nov); RMB 150 (Dec-Feb)
Opening Hours: 06:30 – 16:30
Children under 1.2 meters : free of charge
Children between 1.2 m and 1.5 : half price
Yuping Cable Car: RMB 80 (single way)  East Trance
Yungu Cable Car: RMB 80 (single way)   West Entrance
Taiping Cable car: RMB 80 (single way )  North Entrance

How to get to Mt.Huangshan Scenic Area

1. First you should get to the city of Huangshan. Huangshan is easily reached from Beijing and Shanghai by train and flight. Daily buses and trains bring you from Hangzhou to Huangshan.

2. Then take buses from the city of Huangshan ( also known as Tunxi) to Tangkou Town. From Tangkou Town, you take the local shuttle bus to the starting points of Mt.Huangshan: Mercy Light Temple ( Cable Car Station ) and Yungu Cable Car Station.

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