Where to stay in Huangshan

Plan your Huangshan Tour? You are advised to get some information on the layout of Haungshan before you make up your mind to finalize your hotels in Huangshan.

Narrowly speaking, Huanshan refers to the city core of Huangshan, formerly known as Tunxi (Tunxi Old Town). In a broad sense, Huangshan also refers to a big Huangshan including Tunxi Old Town, Tangkou Town and Huangshan Scenic Area.

Many tourists will choose to stay one night at Tunxi and the other night on the summit. Actually people have more choices: stay at Tangkou, or at the foot of Huangshan Mountain ( Hotspring area and Yungu area ).

People have to do a bus transfer at Tangkou Town no matter you come from Tunxi Bus Station or Tunxi Railway Station, where you are again requested to take a so-called environmental bus to the foot of Huangshan Mountain.

Tunxi – Tangkou: 65km

Tangkou – the east foot or west foot of Huangshan: about 10km

So you may stay in Tunxi, Tangkou, Hotspring Area at the south of Huangshan or Yungu Area at the east foot of Huangshan Mountain as stated below:

Stay at Tunxi(屯溪):

Tunxi is the old town, the city core of Huangshan which is named after Huangshan Mountain. The attractions in Tunxi include Laojie (Old Street), a souvenir street lined with wooden shops and Ming-style Huizhou buildings. Wancuilou on the Laojie offers an in-depth look at Huizhou architecture, furniture and antiques.

1. Huangshan International Hotel(5*): 31 Huashan Road, Tunxi, Huangshan, China Tel: 0559-2565678
2. Xiang Ming Hotel (5*): Yingbing Road 2, Tunxi District,Huangshan Tel: 0559-2579999
3. Huangshan Golf Hotel(5*): 0559-2568000
3. Huangshan Old Street Hotel: 0559-2339188,2534466
4. Tiandu International Hotel: 0559-2588888
5. Ancient Town Youth Hostel:0559-2522088

6. Shuguang Yunsong Hotel: 165, Changgan East Road, Tunxi 0559-2596666
7. Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Huangshan: 0559-5118888
8. Huangshan Parrion Hotel: – (0559)2585555
9.  Junrui Baihe Hotel: 0559-2598666

10. Tiandu International Hotel: 0559-2582777

11. Huamao International Hote: 0559-2598888 12. Huangshan Customer To Customer Hotel: 0559-2570888 13. Crowne Plaza Huangshan Yucheng: 0559-2591888 14.Days Suites Huangshan Bojing: 0559-2341111 15. Huangshan Dragon Win Hotel: 0559-2566688
16. Huishang International Hotel: 0559-5208888

17. Higood Inn: 0559-2345000 18.  Ramada Huangshan Hotel: 0559-2536999 19. Home of Huangshan Hostel: F1, Building A5 Huangshan Garden, No.149 BeihaiRoad, Tunxi 20. Jinjiang Inn (Huangshan Tunxi): No.12 Pingguoshan Road, Tunxi Distric 21: Zhuoquan Boutique Hotel : Building 7 Huipai Cate City Plaza, Huizhou Avenue, Tunxi
22. Motel 168 Huangshan: No.41 Binjiang West Road, Huangshan

Stay at Tangkou Town(汤口):

Tangkou is a two-horse town, 65km north of Tunxi (Huangshan City), a springboard for your trip to Huangshan Mountain, 10km from Tangkou.

You may store your excess luggage and buy some needy supplies for your hike.Basically you have to take a bus either from Huangshan (Tunxi) long-distance bus station or Huangshan Train Station to Tangkou, where you are requested to take a so-called enviromental protection bus to the west or east foot of Huangshan Mountain, where you either hike on foot or take a cable car up the summit of Huangshan.There are a few nice hotels in Tangkou where you may put up for a night before you start for your hike next day.

1. Sinotrans Huangshan Jianguo Hotel: 0559-5586688
2. Zhongrui Huayi Hotel: 0559-5566888
3. Huangshan Pine Ridge Lodge: 0559-556338
4. Huangshan Tangkou Hotel: 0559-5563366
5. Shuguang Yunsong Hotel: 165, Changgan East Road, Tunxi 0559-25966666. Ala Hotel: West of Tangkou Town
7. Tianhu Inn: Block12&13 Tianhu New Village, Shancha Village, Tangkou Town
8. Huangshan 1314 Inn: 0559-5585783
9. Huangshan Huishang Hotel: 0559-5566666
10. Huangshan Baichuan Hotel: 0559-5573788

Stay at Hotspring area(温泉区):

at the foot of the south Huanghshan
1. Huangshan Resort & Spa: 0559-5585103
2. Taioyuan: 0559-5562666

Stay at Yungu area(Yungu cable car – 云谷):

at the foot of the east Huangshan
1. Yungu Hotel: 0559-5586444

Stay at Summit(山顶):

On the top of Huangshan
1. Beihai Hotel: 0559-5582555
2. Paiyunlou Hotel: 0559-5581558
3. Huangshan Shilin Hotel: 0559-5584040
4. Xihai Hotel: 0559-5588888
5. Yupinglou Hotel: 0559-5582288

Hassle-free Huangshan Guided Tours

If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours, here are some options for guided tours to Huangshan:

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