My First Day on Mount Huangshan (2)

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Standing on the Down Peak with the Beginning-to-Believe Peak as a backdrop
People on the Refreshing Terrace to enjoy the granite Peaks around

Refreshing Terrace

We just continued to walk from Dawn Peak, soon we met the Refreshing Terrace, a perfect platform to overlook the granite peaks and the sea of cloud.

The rocks consist of fine granular porphyritic granite. The rock platform overhangs the cliffs.

Refreshing Terrace
Refreshing Terrace 2Photo 2

Stone Monkey Gazing over the sea of clouds

Walk from refreshing terrace to Monkey
Posed by the Stone Monkey Gazing over the Sea of Clouds
Stone Monkey Gazing Over the Sea of Clouds
The Sunsetting behind the Red Cloud Peak
The sun is setting


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