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We had an absolutely perfect day with our tour guide - Rogin Luo - who took us for a hike along The Great Wall! Didn't know what to expect and were thrilled to have him as our guide. Very imformative, knowledgable and fun! We go to experience a part of The Great Wall that was unrestored and see all its natural beauty. Got a long history lesson along the way!

After the hike, we all went to lunch at a small place at the bottom of the hill. Located in a house, we ate lunch in the proprietors bedroom! What a hoot! Rogin is the Best of the Best! This tour company delivered for us and we are extremely grateful.

Westborough, Massachusetts
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Yanqing Ambling and Hiking Trips

Yanqing County is located about 80km northwest Beijing. The County occupys an area of about 1,992 square kilometers and a population of about 275,000. The county houses many ancient tombs and caves, as well as the picturesque Longqing Gorge and Badaling Great Wall.

Yanqing Day Trips Major Festivals in Yanqing
Major Attractions in Yanqing Major Hotels & Resorts in Yanqing

Yanqing Day Trips
Gu Ya Ju Ancient Caves Day Trip

Gu Ya Ju Ancient Caves Day Trip
Hike Route: Guyaju cave dwellings are in the cliffs of Yanqing County, Beijing. With over 1000 years of history, the mythical caves still confuses historians.
Walking Time: 2
Walking Level: 2
Way of Travel: Private transfer + private car or van + private local tour guide + entrance fees + Lunch as listed
Departure Date: Daily
Best Hike Time: Spring, Summer and Autumn Customizable: Yes!
Tour Code: YQHK-01
Price: Starting from US$35 p/p

The Longqing Gorge Day Tour

The Longqing Gorge Day Tour
Hike Route: The Longqing Gorge is flanked on both sides by green peaks. People often say Longqing Gorge is a small Li River in Guilin, a small three gorges on the Yangtze river.
Walking Time: 2 hours
Way of Travel: Private transfer + private car or van + private local tour guide + entrance fees + Lunch as listed
Departure Date: Daily
Best Hike Time: Spring, Summer and Autumn
Customizable: Yes!
Tour Code: YQHK-02
Price: Starting from US$65 p/p

Major Festivals in Yanqing
Yanqing Ice Lantern Festival (Jan.15th –Feb.28th)
Yanqing Ice Lantern Festival is the larges one after the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival. It is also the out-door ice lantern festival in the lowest latitude in the world.

The Dragon Boat Festival (May 5th)
The activities invited Intangible Cultural Heritage items to make a show.

Summer Festival (Jun.18th –Sep.18th )
Yanqing is the ideal place for the summer holidays. It is 8 degree lower than summer resort in the hottest month.

Autumn Picking Festival (Sep.-Oct.)
Tourist can pick grape, apple, Chinese chestnut, pear, corn, black peanut, sweet potato, cherry, cucumber and so on.

Major Attractions in Yanqing
Badaling Great Wall
Badaling section of the Great Wall is within Yanqing County, one of the two counties in Beijing. The wall is about 80 kilometers northwest from downtown Beijing. Dadaling Grat Wall is actually a mountain pass of the Jundu Mountain.

Badaling Remnant Great Wall
Located to he southwest of Badaling Great Wall of Yanqing County, Badaling Remnant Great Wall is the only section of the remnant Great Wall that has been authorized to be opened to the public.

Badaling Wildlife Zoo
With an area of 6,000 acres, Badaling Wild Animal World is a large natural ecological park at the foot of the Badaling Great Wall in Yanqing District.

Badaling National Forest Park
Badaling National Forest Park is located at an altitude slightly higher than other Beijing attractions and is well known for the red leaves festival that takes place there. Beijing Badaling National Forest Park covers 56 hectares, and is planted with more than 50,000 maple trees.

Ancient Cliff House
The Ancient Cliff House (Guyaju), 'the biggest maze of China', is an ancient dwelling place on the side of a cliff. It is a study of ancient Chinese people who inhabited the north of the country over a thousand years old.

Kangxi Grassland
Kangxi Grassland is located to the west of Kangzhuang town in Yanqing County with an area of 32,000 acres. This is the only area of grassland in Beijing area.

Songshan Natural Reserve
Song Mountain is located in Zhangshanying Town in the northwest of Beijing and it is about 90 kilometers away from downtown Beijing and 25 kilometers away from Yanqing County.

Longqing Gorge
Longqing Gorge is known for its ice lantern festival held annually for more than 10 years during every Spring Festival. The gorge is home to Northern China's largest dam, although tourists can scale the dam with the aid of the world's largest escalator

Zhantianyou Memorial Hall
The Zhan Tianyou Museum at Badaling stands at the highest point along the rail line between Beijing and Zhangjiakou. The buildings of the memorial are decorated with a large-scale basso-relievo of about 41 meters long and 5 meters high, which highlights Zhan Tianyou's head portrait and contributions with the Chinese modern history as the background.

Chinese Great Wall Museum
The Chinese Great Wall Museum is a special museum centered on the theme of the Great Wall to demonstrate its history and current status.

Beijing Shuiguan Great Wall
Shuiguan Great Wall, the nearest Great Wall from Badaling Great Wall, is the most complete and strongest section of the ten thousand Great Wall and famous for its precipitous cliffs.

Major Hotels & Resorts in Yanqing
Name Grade Address Telephone
Badaling Hot Spring Resort ★★★ No.1 Weishui North Street 69148833
Weichuan Jingu Hotel ★★ No.5 Hubei West Street 69185552
Huayuan Hotel ★★ No.80 Dongwai Street 69104024
Sishichun Hotel ★★ Inside Longqing Lorge 69193488
Xinfeng Hotel ★★ No.102 Dongwai Street 69141849
Yanchun Hotel ★★ No.35 Dongdajie 69148261
Yanqing Hotel   No.69 Dongwaidajie 69177318
Yudu Villa Inside Longqing Gorge 691191057
Zhongyin Hotel ★★★ No.12 Qingyua Street 69171701
Baiguoyuan Resort   Suzhuang Village 69193703
Huakun Ecological Park   South of Highway 60158819
Yanyou Hotel No.79 Dongwaidajie 69148833
Jiuzhou Express Inn   No.68 Dongwai Dajie 69187663
Xiadu Meeting Center   No.22 Hunan West Road 59908800
Shuangdesheng Hotel   100m East of Shifo Temple 69134055

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