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We had an absolutely perfect day with our tour guide - Rogin Luo - who took us for a hike along The Great Wall! Didn't know what to expect and were thrilled to have him as our guide. Very imformative, knowledgable and fun! We go to experience a part of The Great Wall that was unrestored and see all its natural beauty. Got a long history lesson along the way!

After the hike, we all went to lunch at a small place at the bottom of the hill. Located in a house, we ate lunch in the proprietors bedroom! What a hoot! Rogin is the Best of the Best! This tour company delivered for us and we are extremely grateful.

Westborough, Massachusetts
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Beijing Restaurants from Other Provinces

Donglaishun Restaurant
With a nearly 100-year history, Donglaishun is a long-standing Muslim’s restaurant famous for its Shuan Yang Rou (instant-boiled mutton). It is praiseD for its excellent material (Inner Mongolian lambs), exquisite processing, rich ingredients and high degree of heating. Now it has attracted a lot of celebrities from home and abroad Instant-boiled Mutton: put the thin pieces of mutton to the boiled water with some traditional stuff. After the mutton’s color changed, put it in blended seasonings, the traditional one is made from sesame soy sauce, sesame oil, preserved bean-curd, leek flower, caraway and shallot’s mixture. You can also boil all kinds of vegetables. Be sure you can use the chopsticks well.
Style: Instant-boiled muton

Duyichu Restaurant
Located in the bustling Qianmen Street, Duyichu is the well-known century-old brand name in Beijing. It was set up in the 3rd year of Emperor Qianlong’s reign in the Qing Dynasty or 1738, about 250 years from today. Its name is favored by Emperor Qianlong after he enjoyed the service here. The Tiger Head Plaque described by Qianlong is hanging in the center of the hall reads Duyichu. The dishes here is famous both domestic and overseas. Once the Chefs went to Japan to spread the feat, which has been getting very good rating by Japnese. Featured foods: Steamed Dumpling of Three Delicacies, Fried Triangle Rolls, Steamed Dumpling, Qianlong Cabbage, Fried Round Mass of Food.

Fangshan Restaurant
Want to enjoy the Chinese flavor from the bygone imperial diet? Come to Beijing Fangshan Restaurant. This restaurant, established by chefs who used to work in “royal kitchen” (Yu Shan Fang) offers the food similar to what the emperor ate in the past. To have a meal here, you can not only not enjoy the delicious royal cuisine but also savor the magnificent royal gardens. Fangshan Restaurant is located in the Beihai Park in a traditional courtyard. The waitress and waiters there all wear traditional clothes as the Qing Dynasty. Apart from delicious dishes meticulously prepared with rare and expensive foodstuffs such as birds nests and sharks fins, you can also enjoy the most famous Chinese meal-set “Man Han Quan Xi”. In order to keep the original taste, many snacks still made by hands. Visiting Beihai Park and have a meal at Fangshan Restaurant is a must-part of the Beijing tour.
Style: Imperial Ciusine

Fengzeyuan Restaurant
Fengzeyuan Restaurant, famed for its Shandong food, has a series of sea cucumber dishes as the highlights of its menu. The flavor of its dishes is a little light but spicy, mellow not greasy, fragrant, tender and crisp. The featured dishes here are Bird’s Nest, Shark’s skin, Fish Maw in Casserole, Stewed Turtle Rim.

Gongdelin Vegetarian Restaurant
Just like its name, Gongdelin Vegetarian Restaurant serves incredibly delicious vegan dishes. If you have a try, you will doubt whether you are in a vegetable restaurant, because you can see Crisp Chinese Eel, Sautéed Crab Meal, Cumin Shish Kebab, Braising Pork, Braising Sea Cucumber, Fried Fish Slice in Sauce and so on. Only chewing carefully will you feel the faint scent of vegetables. The dishes here are not only pleasant-looking but also nutrient and good for health. All of these make Gongdelin Vegetarian Restaurant out of other restaurant.
Style: Vegan dish

Hongbinlou Restaurant
Set up in 1835, Hongbinlou Restaurant is well-known for its Muslim flavor mainly offering the Whole Mutton Banquet and Seafood Flavor of Tianjin. It has the high reputation as the First Mansion for Muslim Flavor of Beijing City.
Style: Muslim Cuisine

Laijinyuxuan Restaurant
Built in 1915, Laijinyuxuan is situated in weatern Zhongshan Park.. Its architectural style features the traditional Chinese design principle. Inside the courtyard is decorated with bridges, fountains, waterfalls, grass and flowers. Walking along the Jade Corridor, looking into the distance, you will see the Great Hall of the People as well as the Forbidden City are surrounded by the clumps of trees. The scenery is indeed elegance. Red Mansion Dish, described in the famous Chinese classical novel, A Dream of Red Mansions are mainly offered by Laijinyuxuan. It incarnates the dietetic custom in the Ming and Qing Dynasty. The cuisine is unique in terms of its color, taste, style, refinement, delicacy, healthfulness as well as its style of presentation.
Style: Red-Mansion Cuision

Laoxi’an Restaurant
Laoxi’an Restaurant, opened in 1954, is traded in Muslim dish and Mutton or Beef Pieces in Soup, which is the genuine flavor of the Chinese Northwest district. Laoxi’an is the earliest restaurant of its kind. The soup is exquisitely made with the chosen mutton or beef as well as over 20 kinds of secret ingredients. Boil the shiver of the steamed bread together with meat-soup, water and vermicelli until the steamed bread turns squashy, then eat together with the caraway and sweet garlic. The mutton is tender and spicy, the bread is chewy and the soup is mellow and thick. Chairman Mao once went to the restaurant to have a degustation. Until now the sofa sit by Chairman Mao is displayed.
Featured dishes: Mutton or Beef and Bread Pieces in Soup, Maw Pieces in Spicy Sauce, Sauteed Pawn with Nuts and Chili, Braised Fruit Roll with Sugar.

Li Jia Cai Restaurant
Hidden in a courtyard of Yangfang hutong, you will wonder why Li Jia Cai is so popular. Once you have a try, you will be attracted by its specialty. It only owns one table and has a special rule you have eat what chef has cooked, no ordering. Its dished is devoted to imperial Court without any chemical and all flavor is natural. It welcomes many celebrities such as the former US president Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, the former premier of Britain, John Major, and Chinese superstar Jackie Chan.

Liuquanju Restaurant
Liuquanju, one of the eight “Ju”, is a super time-honored restaurant with a history of over 400 years. Inside the restaurant there was a big willow and well, so that is the origin of its name. Originally, it was a cabaret made the Beijing Rice Wine, which is preserved today. Nowadays, the cuisine of Liuquanju obtain high reputation for its bright, delicate and crisp. Smashed Bean Bun in this restaurant attracts many people everyday and it is also well-known for its Frittered Milk with Bright Sugar and Frittered Lotus Nuts with Bright Sugar. Another attraction here is crab. There are Spicy Crab, Steamed Crab and Braised Crab. All of them are nice to try as well.
Feature dishes: Rice Wine, Papaya, Smashed Bean, Silver-thread Roll, Stir-fried Pork, Tripe with Bean Sauce, Lotus Yan Dish, Pearl Com Barmboo Shoot.

Nengrenju Restaurant
It is also a time-honored restaurant with the feature of instant-boiled mutton. One of the key reasons making it so popular is its special seasoning. As the meat is mopped up, the plate is clean without any blood left, and as the dinner finished, the soup is clear without any bubble. This is really rare among all restaurants nowadays. Customers could appreciate what is “clean plate and clear soup” if coming here.

Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant
Established in 1884 (the third year of Tongzhi of Qing dynasty), Quanjude is the most famous Peking Duck restaurant of China. With a development of long history, Quanjede Roast Duck enjoys a high reputation both home and abroad for its special roast technique, palmary quality and delicious. Quanjude has always kept the traditional method of roasting duck: Hang the duck on a pole over a wood fire until the skin turns golden and crisp, then cover the slices of the duck with sweet paste and green-onion shreds on a duck-shaped pastries. Quanjude also offers you a variety of tempting dishes featuring different parts of the duck such as abalone and duck breast with chill sauce. How mouthwatering! At the same time you can watch 60-70s Kung Fu movie with wooden benches.
Style: Peking Roast Duck

Quyuan Restaurant
Quyuan, set up in Emperor Guangxu’s reign in the Qing Dynasty, is a time-honored brand offering Hunan food originating near Hunan’s Xiangjiang River valley. Its special flavor is spicy, mouth-numbing and sour tastes. Although nowadays, the number of “top” Hunan restaurant is increasing, Quyuan is till won the reputation for its genuine Hunan flavor. Many more celebrated figures have all graced this restaurant such as Qibaishi, the famous Chinese painting and calligraphy master of modern China as well as Meilanfang, the Peking opera leader……and some left their works for its brightly colored, fresh and tender.
Featured dishes: Saute Maw in Sour and Spicy Flavor, Braised Chicken, Steamed Preserved Meat Roll, Saute Preserved Meat, Steamed Fish Head with Red Pepper.

Ruibinglou Restaurant
Ruibinlou Restaurant, called “China First Name Snack”, is suited in Menkuang Hutong in Dashilar, Qianmen. Although the location is a little obscurity, its feature dish Dalian Pie is famous throughout the city. The facture of it is as follows: First, spread the paste, then stuffe it with shrimp, holothurian, pork as well as different seasonings, then fry it until both sides turn into golden yellow. It has thin coat and rich stuffing, and is long lasting after take.

Beijing cuisine, not only include the world-famous Gongtingcai, but also contains a large number of famous private vegetables. Tianjiacai is another rvery famous Beijing food besides Roast Duck.. Tanjiacai is rooted in Beijing for its unique appearance, smell, shape and other characteristics. The most famous specialties of Tanjiacai are shark’s fin, bird’s nest, steamed bear’s paws and steamed duck with ham and so on. The Tanjiacai cuisine also well-known for its delicious vegetable dish as well as a variety of desserts, which have been enjoyed in Beijing for as long as 100 years.

Yuhuatai Restaurant
Yuhuatai Restaurant is a time-honored restaurant offering the flavor of Huaiyang Cai. Nowadays, the dish of Yuhuacai is mainly featured with fish, shrimp and crab. The have the well-chosen material, focus on main material and degree of the heating, In all the four seasons the foods have different cooking methods. The superior technique of the chefs is the key reason of the tasteful cuisine. They are put in important position. Some in Beijing Hotel or State Council serves the premier and the marshals. Some serves Meilanfang as the private chefs. Nowadays the Yuhuantai’s feature dishes are: Braised Shredded Chicken with Ham and Dried Bean Curd, Saute Eel Tall, Deep-Fried Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Saute Abalone with Chicken and Asparagus, Fried Pigeon Egg with Walnut, Fried Spawn, Braised Chicken with Eight Treasures, Braised Crucian, Braised Shark’s skin.

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