Best time to visit Hangzhou (Tips, Photos & Map)

Planning your Hangzhou tour? There is an old saying goes that “Above there is heaven, below there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.” Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province, is recommended as one of the most beautiful cities in China.

It is renowned for its historic relics and natural beauty. As a hot tourist destination, Hangzhou is busy all year round.

The location of Hangzhou ( Google Map)

The best time to travel to Hangzhou is the period from April to October, when the trees and flowers of this garden city are green and in full bloom. If not putting the weather into a consideration, then there is no good or bad time to tour Hangzhou as different time has different sceneries in Hangzhou.

So when to visit Hangzhou all depends on your budget, tolerance for large crowds, your personal taste and, another time of year may suit you better. Check out below to have some information on each season:

Hangzhou in Spring ( March – May )

Spring in Hangzhou starts in March. Although spring is considered as the most beautiful season, it is highly variable, with frequent rain and alternating spells of warmth and cold.

Walking along the West Lake, you could see the primroses waking up one after another. Against the backdrop of the green leaves, petals are white like snow. How fascinating it is!

Note: The best time to see the peach flower blossoms falls on late March and early April.

Check out my another article Best Time and Place to See Cherry & Tulip Flowers in Hangzhou for more information.

Hangzhou in Spring
Hangzhou in Spring

Hangzhou in Summer ( June – August )

Summer in Hangzhou starts in June. July and August are the hottest months in summer. In spite of being hot and humid, summer is the peak season for domestic tourism.

Lotus in the west Lake wake up, presenting their beauty in the hot and humid weather. Summers experience torrential rain quite frequently.

Hangzhou in Summer
Hangzhou in Summer

Hangzhou in Autumn ( September – November)

Autumn in Hangzhou is regarded as the most beautiful and fragrant season. You can smell a rich fragrance of Osmanthus while walking along the street. 

Autumn is generally sunny and dry, and the foliage season is in November. You can have a cruise on the West Lake in autumn. You are kindly advised to skip over China National Holiday in October when you plan your Hangzhou tour, since there are so many people during that time.

Check out Best Places to See Autumn Leaves in Hangzhou for more information.

Hangzhou in Autumn
Hangzhou in Autumn

Hangzhou in Winter ( December – February )

Winter in Hangzhou is not as cold as northern cities of China. Winters are typically grey and dreary, with little or no snowfall. Hangzhou winters are at times very chilly.

Winter temperature often tends to drop below zero and records minus temperatures. Winter in Hangzhou is a little cold, make sure to take enough thick clothes with you.

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The Pure and Fresh Winter Beauty of West Lake in Hangzhou

Hangzhou in Winter
The Pure and Fresh Winter Beauty of West Lake in Hangzhou

Tip:  Hassle-free Hangzhou Guided Tours

If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours, here are some options for Hangzhou Guided Tours:

Hangzhou Tour
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Any question, just drop a line.

24 thoughts on “Best time to visit Hangzhou (Tips, Photos & Map)

  1. Hello Lindasweetheart,

    The right time for sakura tree blooming in Hangzhiu falls on mid April. Early June is too late to view the blooming sakura trees.

  2. If I am visiting HangZhou mid of Oct, should I bring thick clothes along? What about early Nov? Should I prepare thick clothes as well?

  3. Hello Sam,

    No, you don’t have to bring thick clothes if you visit Hangzhou either at Mid-October or early November. Basically, you just bring with you a thin jacket and shirts. Have a good time in Hangzhou.

  4. Hi!

    If i travel to hangzhou from 11-20 dec, will i still be able to catch the fall foliage or will it be snowing by then?


  5. Hello Ryn,

    You may still catch the last autumn hues in Hangzhou. But snowing is unlikely during this time of the year in Hangzhou. Have a good time in Hangzhou!

  6. Hi. I wanted to visit Huangzou next year ein March…May i know whether in March the flowers are already blooming or just about to start

  7. Hello Fida,

    The best time to see the peach flower blossoms falls on late March and early April. Have a good time in Hangzhou.

  8. i’m planning to go Hangzhou 24-26 November 2015. its possible to see autumn leaves especially red/yellow leaves? Whats best time to see red/yellow (ginkgo) in hangzhou?i’m like to see red leaves along linyin road.very beautiful.

  9. Hi, M going to visit Hangzhou from 12 Dec-27 Dec 2015. What is the weather ? should I bring thick jacket? Please advise.

  10. Hi Ream,
    Yes, it is winter season, better to bring your donw jacket. If it rains, or windy and overcast, it will be very chilly outside. The temperature around that period ranges from 8℃ (day) to -1℃ ( night ) according to historical climate data. Just for your reference.

  11. Hi Serene Tan,

    Just take the high speed train from Hangzhou to Suzou. Lots of daily trains. No need to book your train ticket in advanace.

  12. My family and I will be staying at Jinma Hotel May 20-26 2016. We plan to visit Shanghai as well.
    When booking high speed train tickets Hangzou-Shanghai-Hangzou online, which stations should we put? Shanghai or Shanghai Hongqiau , Hangzou/Hangzou East ?

    Thanking you.

  13. Hi Francis Choo,

    As far as I know, you should put “Shanghai Hongqiao” and “Hangzhou East”.

    By the way, there are many daily trains from Shanghai to Hangzhou and vice versa. You may also book your tickets from the ticketing offices inside the stations.

    The article below may be a little bit useful for you:

    Best Way to Visit Hangzhou from Shanghai

    Have a nice trip!

  14. I will be near Hangzhou from September 13 to 18 — will there be more crowds during this time because of the mid-autumn festival? Which days should I consider to avoid the largest crowds?

  15. Hi Robin,

    The national holiday 2016 mid-Autumn festival falls on August 15,16 and 17. So you’d better avoid the three days.

  16. I want to visit the tea plantations near Hangzhou China, when is the best time to go? Are there modest accomodations/ guesthouses in the area? Thank you so much.

  17. Hi Julia Herman,

    The best Dragon Well Tea ( Longjing Tea ) in Hangzhou is piked up around Qingming Festival (also known as Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb-sweeping Day), which falls on either April 4th or 5th of the solar calendar. But the tea picking time lasts basically from April to Autumn. Yes, you may visit Dragon Well Village ( Longjing Village ) or Meijiawu Village where the local villaggers offer basical accommodations.

  18. Hi.
    I am planning for trip to Shanghai, Suzhou & Hangzhou.
    Which city i shall arrange, by sequence?


  19. Hi Lin,

    Thanks for your inquiry!

    Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou are geologically in the shape of a triangle. If you enter Shanghai and depart from Shanghai too at the end of your trip, basically it makes no difference whether you make it Shanghai,Suzhou,Hangzhou and Shanghai or Shanghai, Hangzhou,Suzhou and Shanghai.

    Habitually, many people would design the itineray like this: Shanghai – Suzhou – Hangzhou – Shanghai.

    Have a nice time in Huadong (Yangtze River Delta )!

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