Hangzhou as a Fashionable City in China

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In the Chinese circle, home and abroad, Hangzhou has  long been regarded as the “Paradise on Earth”.  Surrounded by the undulating green hills on the three sides, its world famous West Lake is cut through two brocade-ribbon-like causeways with stone moon bridges, and dotted with three shady islands.

The whole lake area is just like a huge garden with full season views – peach blossoms  and green weeping willows in spring, fiery lotus flowers in summer, yellow osmanthus flowers in autumn and plum blooming in winter.

West Lake has a long and beautiful legacy. It has witnessed the sweep of its change in the past 2000 years and the long history and splendid culture behind it, hence the site of World Cultural Heritage 2011.

More than not just a leisure garden city, Hangzhou is a fashionable city too as you look at the trendy dresses by the locals, the styles of the elegant and modern buildings renovated, refurbished or newly established.

Major international brands are easily seen and stocked in the fancy stores in the down town Hangzhou, attracting a consistent flow of visitors. While planning your Hangzhou tour, don’t miss a short trip to walk around for a glimpse of the cityscape and what to wear by the locals.

Crossing the zebra lines


Hangzhou Streetscape


Apple Store


A Billboard of Government Propaganda


Colorful and modern shopping malls


The Elegant Building along east bank of West Lake




International Brands

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