Best Places to See Autumn Leaves in Hangzhou

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Plan your Hangzhou tour in autumn? Hangzhou is a garden city peppered with mesmerizing sights in four seasons, oft-lauded as ” Paradise on Earth”. Its world famous West Lake (Crowned as UNESCO World Heritage 2011) dominates the local “Psyche”.

As a city south of Yangtze River, Hangzhou’s fall foliage comes much later than the cities in the northern China such as Beijing (Mid-October – Mid-November). The local leaf peeping time starts at the end of November and the best fall foliage time falls on the whole December. If you are looking for the best places for fall foliage in Hangzhou, we are going to reveal the top 10 spots for leaf peeping in Hangzhou.

1. Plane Trees Flanking  Beishan Road 北山两旁的行道树-法国梧桐
Beishan Road is lined with the plane trees, which arch across the lake side road, providing great shades. On the south of the Beishan Road is the Northern Inner West Lake , separated from the main West Lake by the Bai Di Causeway bridged by Duanqiao Bridge (  Broken Bridge ), the Jindai Bridge , and Gushan Island linked to the Beishan Road by Xileng Bridge.

On its northern side is the Precious Stone Hill (宝石山) with the slender spire of Baoshu Pagoda on its top. Between the Beishan Road and the Precious Stone Hill ( Baoshi Hill) is peppered with the old mixed styles of west and Chinese villas and historical sites. Most of the structures are the former celebrity homes and residences from the military, the government and the business circle in the 1920s.

Local people habitually take the plane tree autumn leaves as the sign of the autumn arrival just as the old saying goes that “one leaf reveals autumn”. When autumn comes, the Beishan Road between the Broken Bridge and Xileng Bridge has magical autumn colors with the yellow leaves of plane trees that bounce off in a spectacular fashion. Strolling along Beishan Road is soul-recharging with much photogenic opportunities.

Best Time to Visit: Late November – December
Public Transport: Take Bus 7 or rent a bike.

Plane Trees Flanking Beishan Raod

Plane Trees Flanking Beishan Raod

2. Ginkgo Trees at the Solitary Island (Gushan) 孤山赏银杏
The Solitary Island is a peninsula  projecting into the West Lake, once a temporary living palace for the imperial emperors who came to Hangzhou either for inspection or leisure sightseeing in Qing Dynasty.  The Solitary Island is connected to the Beishan Road by Xileng Bridge and Bai Di Causeway.

On the Solitary Island, you will find Zhongshan Park, Zhejiang Provincial Museum, Louwailou Restaurant, Xilinyinshe and other historical and scenic sites. There is also a patch of Ginkgo tree area that entices a consistent flow of visitors each year when it is getting colder in late autumn time. The yellow Ginkgo trees, red maple trees  and green camphor trees blanket the island, sharp contrast of colors shooting out stunning views.

Best Time to Visit: Late November and Dcember
How to Get There: Walk from Xilleng Bridge or the Broken Bridge

Ginkgo Trees at Solitary Island

Ginkgo Trees at Solitary Island

3. Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor 花港观鱼秋色
The Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor is a poetic and romantic name given to a large park in the southwest of West Lake. The park is ringed by West Lake on its three sides with its west side connected to the West Hill,  a peninsula protruding into West Lake.

As its name suggest, the park is well known for the golden fishes of all sizes and colors, a varied splendor of plants and flowers.  The park is dissected into five areas – Red Golden Fish Pond, Peony Garden, Flower Harbor, Great Lawn and Forests. The park has much photo opportunities when autumns arrives with red leaves of maple trees mirrored on the lakes, a magnificent view!

Best Time to Visit: Late November and December
Public Transport: Bus K4, 504, Tourism Bus 1,2,3, and 5

Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor

Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor

4. Autumn Color at Hangzhou Botanical Garden 杭州植物园秋色
Hangzhou Botanical Garden is located on the northwest of West Lake, spreading on a large hilly area between Yuquan and Lingyin Temple. The garden is classified into 9 exhibition areas and 4 experimental sections with over 3000 species of plants and over 50,000 specimens.

In addition to the scientific research, the garden is mainly designed for  appreciation and sightseeing. Whenever the season you visit Hangzhou Botanical Garden, you won’t be let down by the charming landscape  – endless flowering and magical colors brought by the plants at different seasons. When autumn comes, the maple area and Water & Mountain Area are the two best spots in the garden to view the fabulous fall foliage.

Best Time to Visit: Late November and December
Public Transport: Take bus Y6, 807,k27 and Tourism Bus 3 and get off at Hongchuqiao (洪春桥站), then walk 1 km to reach the garden.

Fall Foliage at Hangzhou Botanical Garden

Fall Foliage at Hangzhou Botanical Garden

5. Snow White Couch Grasses at Yang Gong Causeway 杨公堤
Yang Gong Causeway is located on the west of West Lake with six bridges. Yang Gong Causeway runs parallel with Su Causeway (also with 6 bridges)  to its east, hence the name of “12 Bridges on West Lake”.  The causeway is 3.4 km long,  starting from Lingyin Road on its north and ends at Hupao Road on its south, a scenic road connecting a myriad scenic spots like Quyuan Lotus Park, Jinsha Harbor, Hangzhou Nursery Garden, Maojia Fu, Turtle Pond, Yuhai Bay and Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor.

By the side of Yinxiu Bridge on Yang Gong Causeway, there is a lake known as “Turtle Pool”, where  dense couch grasses are grown. When autumn comes with temperature getting colder, the couch grasses turn from green to white, with the heads of flowers as white as snow, a spectacular autumn sight, enticing numerous visitors for taking pictures.

Best Time to Visit: Late November and December
Public Transport: Bus K1, K12, K80, Y 8

6.  Red and Yellow Leaves along Lingyin Road 灵隐路
The 4 km long Lingyin Road is one of the most scenic roads in Hangzhou, extending from Yuefei Temple to Lingyi Temple.  The road is lined with pine trees, soap berries and maple trees.

The yellow leaves soap berry trees and red leaves of maple trees are mingled along the scenic driveway,  presenting an awesome autumn color. If you happen to visit Lingyin Temple in the late November or December, it is preferable to take a stroll along for a while instead of sitting on the bus passing the marvelous scenic Lingyin Road.

Best Time to Visit: Late November and December
Public Transport: Bus K7

Red and Yellow Leaves along Lingyin Road

Red and Yellow Leaves along Lingyin Road

7. Chinese Sweet Gum Trees along Longjing Road 龙井路
The 4.5 km long Longjing Road is named after the world famous Longjing Tea ( Dragon Well Tea ) produced in Hangzhou. The road starts from Hongchuqiao ( near Lingyin Road) and ends at Longjing Village, where the Longjing tea trees are planted.

In late 1970s, Chinese Sweet Gum Trees were planted along Longjing Road from Hongchuqiao to Longjing Village. The temperature here is a bit lower than the downtown Hangzhou. With the arrival of autumn and drop of temperature, the leaves receive less sunshine which change the color of the trees flank Longjing Road.  Longjing Road becomes a red and yellow dragon sleeping on the ground, a not to be missed autumn sight.

Best Time to Visit: Late November and December
Public Transport: Bus Y3 or 27.

8.  Autumn View at Nine Creeks in Misty Forest 九溪烟树
Nine Creeks in Misty Forest is one of the new Top 10 West Lake Sights, also known as Nine Creeks and Eighteen Streams, indicating the confluence of the 9 creeks and 18 streams here.  It is located at the foot of Jiguan Hill on the mountains west of West Lake, linking Longjing Village on the north and Qiantang River on the south.

The mere sight of the name of “Misty Forest” will touch people’s hearts for a glimpse. The sight is known for its deep and mysterious natural beauty. Strolling along the zigzag slab paths, you will be gradually caught by its charm – the yellow needle leaves of metasequoia trees ( dawn redwood) and Chinese sweet gum trees. 

Best Time to Visit: Late November and December
Public Transport: Bus Y5

Autumn View at Nine Creeks in Misty Forest

Autumn View at Nine Creeks in Misty Forest

9. Ginkgo Trees at Zhaohui 朝晖银杏林
Hangzhou is dotted here and there with ginkgo trees. But local people are especially fond of one place known as Huanyuan Alley (华园弄). The narrow 600 m long alley is flanked with over 300 ginkgo trees. Huayuan Alley is located on the south side of Zhaohui Park on Shangtang Road.

It is said that the 300 ginkgo trees were planted by the same age children in 1980s, hence the name of same age trees. When autumn comes,  it becomes a sea of yellow color with the road blanked with yellow ginkgo leaves.

Best Time to Visit: Late November and December
Public Transport: Bus 30

Ginkgo Trees at Zhaohui

Ginkgo Trees at Zhaohui

10. Autumn Color at Xixi National Wetland Park 西溪湿地
It is said to be the only national level wetland park in China, located on the west of Hangzhou with an  area of 1,150 hectares.  The park is a spider web of watercourses which are peppered with various ponds, lakes and swamps.

It has a varied vegetation comprising  persimmon, pomegrante, willow, camphor, bamboo, mulberry, plum, peach, elm, nelumbo, maple, poplar, hibiscus and reeds. When autumn comes, the park is dotted with dancing reed flowers, and red persimmons.

Autumn Color at Xixi National Wetland Park

Autumn Color at Xixi National Wetland Park


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6 Responses to “Best Places to See Autumn Leaves in Hangzhou”

  1. zul ain says:

    I see you post about red and yellow leaves along lingyin road for 4km.can i walk there from west lake. I really want to see red beautiful. Can u suggest autumn best view around west lake. I will stay there. 2 minutes walk from xueshi park. Can u sggest another attraction around westlake by walk

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi Zul Ain,

    I suggest that you just walk along the West Lake, you will discover the motley colored leaves, but not necessarily maple leaves, they can be plane trees, ginggo trees and more.

  3. Diniey says:

    Can you suggest places that suitable for kids age between 3 -7? And where to get halal
    foods in Hangzhou? Thank you.

  4. Daniel says:

    Dear Diniey,

    1. There are some places suitable for kids. Just name some of them:

    1) Hangzhou Children’s Palace 杭州青少年活动中心
    Add: No.22, Zhaoqingsili Street 西湖边昭庆寺里街22号

    2)Hangzhou Underwater World 海底世界
    地址: No.147, Nanshan Road, Hangzhou, 南山路147号

    3) Children’s Park 少年儿童公园
    Add: No.15 Hupao Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou (满陇桂雨公园)虎跑路15号 与杭州动物园相邻

    4) Hangzhou Safari Park 杭州野生动物园
    Add: No.1 Jiulong Avenue Hangfu Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou 浙江省杭州市西湖区杭富路九龙大道1号

    2. Halal Food
    There are many restaurants offering halal food. Just name two of them listed below:

    1) Lamp Soup Restaurant 羊汤饭店
    Add: No. 64, Zhongshan Rod, Hangzhou 中山中路64号

    2) Phoenix Mosque General Restaurant 凤凰寺清真饭店总店
    Add: No.223 Zhongshan Road, Hangzhou 中山中路223号(西湖大道和中山中路交界处)

    Enjoy your trip!

  5. esah says:

    how are you madam,

    Im from Malaysia, im really want to see autumn season? if i and my group want to holiday and Disember autumn still there? please tell me what the best week in dicember i go holiday in hangzou

  6. Daniel says:

    Dear Esah,

    Welcome to Beijing!

    In December, you still can catch the last remaining autumn hues in Hangzhou. Have a nice time in Hangzhou!

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