Hangzhou’s Best Bars & Nightclubs

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Plan your Hangzhou tour? If you are a bar or pub lover, Hangzhou will not let you down. Just like each major city has its own unique streets of pub, as a world famous leisure city, Hangzhou is not lagged behind in this regard.

Among the numerous bar and pub streets in Hangzhou, Nanshan Lu (or Nanshan Road) Bar Street is one of the best in terms of location, architecture, quality and taste.

As its name indicates, Nanshan Lu Bar Street is located on the south of West Lake between West Lake and Nanshan Road ( South Hill Road ). As you know, West Lake is surrounded by its three sides (north, south and west) with the east bordering the city center.

Some of the bars and nightclubs on Nanshan Road Bar Street are high-level villas built during the 1920s featuring western architecture.

I like the location of my lodging hotel in Hangzhou – Hanting Inn ( by China Academy of Arts ), on Nanshanr Road and a few steps away from West and not far from the traditional Qinghefang Street, a pedestrian street in Hangzhou. My hotel location is a fusion of fashion, tradition and romance.

Nanshan Road Bar Street

Chinese and Western style bar

A 1920s building turned Pub.

First Class Restaurant

La-Luna Cafe & Bar

A lake side bar and cafe

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