Best Way to Visit Hangzhou from Shanghai

Hangzhou is historically oft-lauded as a paradise on the earth and now has become world famous with its West Lake Landscape listed as World Culture Heritage in 2011.

With its picturesque landscape and rich cultural and historical sites, Hangzhou has become a lively backyard garden for Shanghai, a metropolitan city, only 200km to the northeast of Hangzhou.

Many Shanghai leisure and business travelers would choose to make a day trip to Hangzhou when they plan a Shanghai tour. So what’s the best way or the most convenient and economic way of visiting Hangzhou from Shanghai for a day trip?

A one-hour high speed train from Shanghai Plus 15-minute subway ride in Hangzhou takes you to the core of the scenic Hangzhou – the West Lake Landscape.

Daily over 50 high speed trains darting from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Hangzhou East Railway Station and Hangzhou Railway Station (  the old station). Check out the following steps to plan your Shanghai Hangzhou day trip.

Step 1: Early Highspeed Train from Shanghai to Hangzhou (One Hour Train Ride)
There are over 50 daily high speed trains from Shanghai to Hangzhou. Try to go to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station for an early train ride to make more time for your day trip in Hangzhou. The earliest train starts at 6:30am.

Basically you don’t have to reserve your train tickets, just buy and go ( except on China holidays when you have to reserve your tickets online well in advance).

Step 2: The Right Train Station in Hangzhou
There are two railway stations in Hangzhou ( Hangzhou East Railway Station and Hangzhou Railway Station ) which both receive high speed trains though the newly built Hangzhou East Railway Station handles most of the high speed trains in and out of Hangzhou. So make sure at which station you will alight in Hangzhou.

Step 3: Interchange for the Subway Line 1 in Hangzhou
No matter you get off at Hangzhou East Railway Station or Hangzhou Railway Station, you can easily interchange for Subway Line 1 in Hangzhou to get to the core of the West Lake Scenic Area.

The Subway Line 1 connects the two railway stations with its mid-way stop ( Longxiangqiao Station ) near the West Lake, the biggest draw in Hangzhou. Line up for buying your train ticket for the stop of Longxiangqiao Station (龙翔桥站).

Step 4: Exit from Exit C at Longxiangqiao Station (龙翔桥站)
A 15-minute metro will bring you to Longxiangqiao Station which is about 100 meters away from the world famous West Lake. When you alight at Longxiangqiao Station, you need to exit from Exit C ( don’t be distracted by C3 or C4), and go up straight onto the ground.

Step 5: Turn Right and Walk about 100 meters for the West Lake
Exit from Longxiangqiao Station, you are on the east-west Pinghai Road (平海路), you turn right ( to the west ) for a 100-meter walk, you will be at the West Lake.

Step 6: Centrally Located Hotels along Pinghai Road (平海路)
If you’d like to stay overnight in Hangzhou, you may book your hotel along Pinghai Road with easy access to the West Lake.

Exit from Longxiangqiao Station, if you turn left and walk for a few minutes, you are able to find some nice hotels such as Marco Polo Garden Hotel, Hangzhou Friendship Hotel, Hangzhou Zhongshan Hotel and Hangzhou Continental Hotel on Pinghai Road.

Step 7: Walk from Longxiangqiao Station ( Subway Line 1 ) to the edge of the West Lake
The 100-meter stroll allows you to see the largest Apple Store in Asia, a public bike rental booth, Starbucks and Hyatt Regency Hotel by the lake. You may rent a bike for a leisure rice along the lake.

Step 8: A Stroll along the Lake
Once you reach the lake, you may either walk along the north or down to the south around the lake, a 15-km in circumference.

Step 9: Backtrack for Shanghai from Hangzhou
You may go back to Shanghai by the same way you come. Keep in mind the last high speed train leaves from Hangzhou to Shanghai at 21:31.

Just show you some pictures for your glimpse of your walk from Longxiaoqiao Station to the edge of the West.

Once you get off at Longxiangqiao Station, you will see 4 exits, please exit from Exit C.

Exit from Exit C
Exit from Exit C

Walk to the right side from Exit C, you will see the largest Apple Store in Asia

Apple Store
Apple Store

Walking by a public bike rental booth

Public Bike Rental Booth
Public Bike Rental Booth

Starbucks by the Lake

Starbucks by the lake
Starbucks by the lake

Hyatt Regency Hotel Hangzhou facing the lake

Hyatt Regency Hotel Hangzhou facing the lake
Hyatt Regency Hotel Hangzhou facing the lake

Early Morning at the lake shore 100 meters west of Longxiangqiao Station of Subway Line 1

Early Morning at West Lake
Early Morning at West Lake

Pinghai Road (平海路), your starting point for your Hangzhou day trip.

Pinghai Road
Pinghai Road

Tip:  Hassle-free Hangzhou Guided Tours

If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours, here are some options for Hangzhou Guided Tours:

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    At present, we don’t have any join-in group tours from Shanghai to Hangzhou. Solo private tour will be very expensive. Try to make it by yourself using high speed train and subways both in Shanghai and Hangzhou. Have a safe trip!

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