Chinese bulbuls eating flower petals

In the evening, a Chinese bulbul was found eating flower petals in the bushes in the distance.

bulbuls eating flower petals

I leaned against a big tree and snapped the moment with my 100-400mm long-lense when the light-vented bulbul was eating the flower petals. It’s a little far away, and the sharpness of my pictures is greatly reduced after cutting. 

bulbuls eating flower petals

The Chinese bulbul, also known as the light-vented bulbul, is a small bird of Bulbul family of Passeriformes, which is songbird.

bulbuls eating flower petals

Pay attention not to fall into the mistake of the Chinese Bulbul’s name. The white of Bulbul is reflected in the back of eyes rather than in the black head; the belly white has yellow green longitudinal lines.

bulbuls eating flower petals

The Chinese bulbul, is mainly found in South Central China, North Vietnam and Taiwan Province.The Chinese bulbul is a common bird in the vast area south of the Yangtze River in China.

bulbuls eating flower petals

It is mainly found in the tree thickets of hills or Plains, and also in coniferous trees. The light-vented bulbul I photographed today is also eating the petals of the coniferous trees.

bulbuls eating flower petals

The color of male and female feathers of the bulbul is similar, so it is difficult to distinguish them. The experienced people can distinguish them according to the characteristics of male’s chest deep gray, while a female’s lighter;  The white of a male bulbul is much clearer reflected in the back of eyes.

bulbuls eating flower petals

The Chinese bulbul is a songbird. The bird is good at singing and its voice is gentle and changeable, pleasant to hear.

bulbuls eating flower petals

The light-vented bulbul often move in small groups of 3-5 to more than 10, sometimes in large groups of more than 20-30 in winter.

bulbuls chirping

The light-vented bulbuls are lively and not very afraid of people. They often jump between branches or fly between adjacent trees.

bulbuls eating flower petals

Generally, they do not fly long distances. They are mainly resident birds and generally do not migrate.

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