Collared finchbills in Hangzhou

It is still early spring here in Mid-February in my  hometown – Hangzhou, China.  I live in a community compound known as Shanglinhu, largely situated on a hillslope in the memerizing Fuyang District, west of Hangzhou.  

Collared finchbills

This afternoon,  I spot several collared finchbills singing and dancing in a tree about 2 meters high. Collared finchbills are a kind of songbirds found mainly China, and Vietnam as well. 

Collared finchbills

A collared finchbill, true to its name, has a black head with a  white-colored ring around it neck, likes to forage in the lowland, a low mountain and gardens, perched on treetops, rooftops and telephone wires.

Collared finchbills

I carefully examine  them. All the four birds on the tree  appears fatty annd cute with bright eyes. They are chirpping happily jumping on the tree.

Collared finchbills

Recently, there are a lot of cherry plums in our community in bud, also known as red leaf plum, which attract groups of collared finchbills (2-6 in a group) to taste, chirp and jump happily among the branches. 

Collared finchbills

Cherry plums often has single flowers, pink; the leaves are purple and shiny, and leaves fall in winter. 

Collared finchbills

The collared Finchbill is a local resident birds, which is easy to identify. It is wearing a white scarf (collar), green, light yellow mouth and black head. 

Collared finchbills

Because they are local resident birds, they are not afraid of humen. Sometimes we look at them, they are not nervous. They are calm and live in harmony with us.

Collared finchbills

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