Flowers, useless and beautiful

Only “idle people” go to see flowers. In the afternoon, I passed the two crabapple trees on the side of the road.

Only “idle people” go to see flowers

The crabapple flowers are in full bloom. From time to time, passers-by stop to look up at the flowers.

The crabapple flowers are in full bloom

Flowers, useless and beautiful. “Every day busy, all day long, never walk in the sunset.”. Fortunately, there are many “useless” beautiful things in the world. 

Flowers, useless and beautiful

Friends say that good things are useless, but can nourish your mood. Chen Guo said that good friends are useless, but your spiritual comfort.

good things are useless

My friend said that her daughter is like an ancient lady. She likes staying at home, drawing, writing, playing games… It’s all useless stuff.. But she said she likes it – “I prefer to be quiet… “

It’s all useless stuff.. But she said she likes it

She said that if she doesn’t have to think about survival, she would like to live like this. It’s useless to advise that she should be busy with useless things all day.

t’s the “uselessness” that makes life more fun.

Yes, maybe in the end, it’s the “uselessness” that makes life more fun. I don’t think anyone is willing to really take “usefulness” as the ultimate goal of life, and they still yearn for more “uselessness” surprises in life.

Coronavirus period in Hangzhou, China
Feb 27, 2020

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