Top Souvenirs & Local Specialities in Datong

Plan your Datong Tour? Datong is one of the cities famous for its history and culture and is located at the northern part of Shanxi Province.

There are many exotic and unusual things to buy in Datong which make wonderful souvenirs and gifts for relatives and friends back home.

If you are wondering what to buy during your Datong Tour, the following is a list of top souvenirs and local specialities of Datong for you to choose.

Datong Copper Wares

Copper wares are unique treasures to Shanxi Province in north China. With a history of over hundred years, this folk craft has transformed into a national symbol representing exquisite Chinese art. Copper Hotpot is the most famous copper ware in Datong.

Datong Copper Hotpot is reasonably designed with six parts: chassis, body, fire seat, copper cover, fire storage and small cover. The bodies are carved with pictures or characters. It is not only popular in China, but also in many countries, including Japan, America, Singapore, German, Malaysia, etc.

Datong Carpets

Datong Carpets are made of wool. These carpets dated back more than 2,000 years. Known as one of Chinas most popular cities to find wool carpets, a number of factories have been established throughout Datong.

The carpets produced in Datong are known for their high quality, durability, unique patterning, rich colors and textures. Datong’s carpets have gained popularity not only throughout China, but also internationally in countries throughout Europe and Asia. The recommended purchasing site is Daxi Avenue of Datong.


Egg-engraving is regarded as one of Datong‘s most popular folk arts. Eggs are hollowed and sterilized before they are delicately carved. Designs include sculpted figures, landscape scenes, flowers, and birds. Eggs with thicker shells are often used to create designs that vary in surface texture.

After the carving is complete, a protective coating is applied to strengthen and preserve the dainty work of art. The pieces and the craft itself have been elevated over recent years to a level of fine art, deeply admired by both locals and visitors.

Yungang Silk Doll

Tradition surrounding the fine art of crafting Yungang silk dolls originated during the Qing Dynasty. The craft remains a proudly distinguished skill among women and girls throughout the region. A variety of uniquely detailed dolls each designed to portray a different dramatic role, style, or famous character are crafted for the use of theatrical or story telling purposes.

The dolls embody characters of ancient legends, allowing stories of the past to continue to be told in today’s China. Although clay dolls have dwindled in popularity over the centuries, silk dolls, commonly crafted using ghatpot, silk, brocade, and muslin, remain iconic cultural characters throughout Datong.

Paper Cutting

Datong Paper Cutting is famous for its rich content, exquisite craftsmanship, bright color, distinctive flavor of life and local style. Paper cutting is the art of cutting designs in paper (black, white, or colored), then gluing them to a contrasting surface or a transparent surface.

The art of paper cutting requires not only good paper and excellent tools, it also requires a steady hand and a good technique. Shanxi continues to produce exquisite paper cut arts and includes many styles for tourists to choose from.

Coal Carving

Coal carvings are folk craftwork originating from the ancient town of Datong, the production location for coal in China. The raw materials for coal carvings are dug from the mines 300 meters from the underground.
Coal is neither humid nor dry, neither soft nor hard. The folk craftsmen carve the coal in reference to items of interest, such as the historic Yungang statues, Liaoning Huayan sculptures, Henshan ancient temples, nine-dragon screens of the Ming Dynasty, famous paintings at home and abroad, and figures of leading individuals. Many people are fond of coal sculptures and like to present them to their friends.

Dough Figurines

Dough figurine is a traditional handicraft art in Datong with a history of more than one thousand years. Colored dough is made of flour, sticky rice flour, honey and preservatives, then steamed and kneaded with different colors. Dough figurine made of colored dough remains colorfast and intact without getting decayed for decades. You can buy them in the markets of Datong.

Art Porcelain

Originating more than 1,400 years ago during the Tang Dynasty, porcelain production has evolved from its original function in military affairs throughout the Song Dynasty into a fine art steeped in intricate details and unique designs.

Porcelain craftworks include cups, dishware, bowls, Buddha statuaries, traditional Chinese figures, and toys. Datong‘s porcelains take on a variety of shapes and levels of sophistication in design and detail.

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