Best time to visit Datong (Tips & Photos)

Best time to visit Datong: April to October

Plan your Datong tour? Datong city is located in the Loess plateau, the terrain is complex and diverse, basically a temperate continental monsoon climate. It is very cold and blusterous in winter. So many travellers would go in spring, summer and fall from April to October.

Another striking feature here is the sharp temperature difference between day and night. It is best to bring an extra coat to resist the cold air in the morning and evening.

Sights in Datong for all seasons

People come here to see the ancient buildings, and the enchanting grottoes, so the weather of the changing seasons actually makes no significant difference.

If the cold weather is not a problem for you, or the winter season matches your time schedule, so why not come here in winter? There are some perks if you come in winter – less crowded, more discounts in transport, hotel and entrance fees.

Datong will have a lively Lantern Festival during the Spring Festival (Definitely in winter season). At this time, Datong will be decorated with lanterns, and a festive atmosphere.

Datong Tourist Seasons

High season: April, May, Sept and October
Shoulder season: June, July and August
Lower season: November to March next year

So April, May, Sept and Oct, the four months are considered as high tourist season and you’ll expect the crowds of domestic tourists flocking here from all parts of China. May and October are two highest tourist peaks due to the May Day (May 1-3 Public Holiday) and National Day (October 1-7). Comparatively April and September are less crowded.

June, July and August, the three months are classified as shoulder season. But in July and August, you’ll still expect huge crowds of holiday makers due to the summer vacation which generates much family travel.

The period November to March next year is regarded as the low tourist season. Cold and windy, But still some travellers come here to visit Datong for various reasons – time available, less crowds and descent discounts.

Four Seasons in Datong

Datong in Spring

Spring in Datong is cool, but with big difference in temperature. In spring the temperature of Datong rises up quickly and average temperature is 6°C to 9°C.

After suddenly getting warmer, it always turns cold again. The spring of Datong often flies with snow, but easy to thaw. Visitors can go to Mount Hengshan, one of the Five Sacred Mountains of Taoism in Spring.

Datong in Summer

Summer in Datong is short, cool and comfortable. The average temperature is 19°C to 21.8°C in summer, much cool than other cities of China.

When summer comes, flowers bloom in a riot of color. Datong is a summer resort. Visitors are advised to go to Cailiang Mountain to enjoy the cool weather in summer. Summer is the rainy season of Datong, please take an umbrella with you whenever you go out.

Datong in Autumn

The temperature drops suddenly when entering the autumn, Datong always has blue sky and let you feel a little bit cold in the fall. Visitors are advised to go to visit Yungang Caves in this season.

Datong in Winter

The winter of Datong is a little longer than other seasons, lasting four months. The average temperature is 7 to 12 degrees below zero, and it is often has northwest winds.

In winter, there is little rain and there is much gale. All the mountains, houses and roads are covered with snow. Datong winter is terribly cold. For many travellers, winter is the worst time to visit Datong.

Tip:  Hassle-free Datong and Shanxi Guided Tours

If you don’t want to do a self-guided tour and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for organized tours to Datong and Shanxi Province:

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  1. I avoided a drenching by standing next to a wall – Chinese architeture is very big on eaves which is useful on these occasions.And now I must away to dinner then the train station for Xian.Am still liking China.

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