Mount Wutai Trip

On 7th, June, 2012, we start our annual company outing  from Beijing Railway Station on an overnight train for our this year’s destination – Mount Wutai.

As one of Chinese 4 well-known Buddhist mountains, Mountain Wutai has served as a Buddhist pilgrimage site for almost 2,000 years. Located at an altitude of about 9,000 feet, it is surrounded by five peaks up to 11,000 feet high. There are dozens of temples in the town itself and dozens more on the surrounding peaks. Mountain Wutai is home to 53 sacred monasteries, and they were inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. 

The major sights at Wutaishan are rather spread out, forcing one to indulge in the gorgeous scenery that surrounds the five terraces. I have snapped some pictures of Mountain Wutai.

This is the entry ticket, RMB168 for each person.
This is the entry ticket, RMB168 for each person.


The ticket is for the touring bus inside Mt. Wutai, RMB 50 for each
Looking down from Pusa Ding towards the immense 160 feet high Tayuan Si Pagoda
The top of the Tayuan Si Pagoda,
Another temple is nestled on a top cirecled by trees
Walking in a maze of temples.
Blue sky, white clouds and the temple eaves
A huge incense burner in temple
We enjoy vegetarian dishes for lunch.
A bird’s eye view of those temples.
The outlook of Huahui Shanzhuang Hotel
One corner of the lobby.
A double room
The washing room attached

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