Visit Huangyao Ancient Town from Yangshuo or Guilin (Tips, Photos & Map)

Huangyao Ancient Town (黄姚古镇) is one of China’s Top 10 most beautiful ancient Towns. Most of the local residents in the town have the surnames of “Huang” and “Yao”, hence Huangyao Town.

Location of Huangyao Ancient Town

It is located in the northeast of Zhaoping County (昭平县) of Hezhou City (贺州) in Guangxi Province; 190km and 129 km to the southeast of Guilin (桂林) and Yangshuo (阳朔) respectively, and 60km to the west of Hezhou (贺州).

Location of Huangyao Ancient Town (Google)

How to get to Huangyao Ancient Town

The high speed railway line between Guangzhou and Guiyang stops at Hezhou, which makes Hezhou a jumping off point to get to Huangyao. You may take the high speed train to Hezhou from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Guilin and Guiyang. At Hezhou, you switch to the local buses heading to Huangyao Ancient Town.

Alternatively you also can take the long-distance buses directly to Huangyao from Guilin ( 3 hours ) and Yangshuo ( one an half hours ) and Guangzhou (over 7 hours ).

From Guilin, you take the bus from Guilin Passenger Bus General Station (桂林汽车总站). There are two daily buses from Guilin to Huangyao Ancient Town: 8:30am and and 1:30 pm. The return bus starts at 2:00pm from Huangyao Ancient Town. But the bus service is a bit erratic and you can also take the local bus from Huangyao to Hezhou where you either take the high speed train or bus back to Guilin.

From Yangshuo, there is only one daily bus which leaves from Yangshuo General Bus Station to Huangyao Ancient Town at 8:30am and returns from Huangyao Ancient Town at 2:00pm to Gaotian (高田) where you connect the local Van ( 3.5 yuan per person at the  time of my writing) back to the Yangshuo South Bus Station. Then you take the bus from the Bus Station to the downtown of Yangshuo at the bus fare  1 yuan.

If you are going to plan your Guilin tour or Yangshuo tour, a side trip to Huangyao is highly recommended. The 100 yuan entry fee is worthwhile for a China traditional culture and folklore day trip.

Virtual Tour of Huangyao Ancient Town

The idyllic charm permeates the 1000-year-old well preserved old town. The ancient town is surrounded by the picturesque karst hills and circled by the three rivers. The original old town dates back to 972 AD in Song Dynasty (960 -1279). It used to be an importtant trade hub at the confluence of the the three provinces’ borders of Guangdong, Guangxin and Hunan.

The eight well-preserved stone flagged streets are flanked by over 300 one- or two-story stone and brick houses of Lingna style. The whole town is laid out according to Nine Palaces and the Eight Diagrams (Ba Gua). The town is teemed with water, bridges, temples,  old Bayan trees and massive karst peaks,  a perfect blend of the people and nature. Old Banyan trees,  clean water, flagstones and couplets are the four wonders in the town.

It is a scenic drive from Guilin or Yangshuo to Huangyao Ancient Town.

Scenic Drive
Scenic Drive

The parking lot and entrance to Huangyao Ancient Town.

Huangyao Ancient Town Entrance
Huangyao Ancient Town Entrance

This is Longmen Banyan tree, named after its twisted limbs with a history of over 800 years.

Longmen Banyan tree
Longmen Banyan tree

The stone flagged street is flanked by the two-story brick houses of Lingnan style.

stone flagged street
stone flagged street

Dailong Bridge was built in the 4th year of the reign of Wanli Emperor in the Ming Dynasty and rebuit in the 23rd year of  the Qianlong Emperor in the Qing Dynasty (1758)

Dailong Bridge
Dailong Bridge

Walking in a maze of the old streets in Huangyao.

Walking in a maze of the town.
Walking in a maze of the town.

Pay 10 yuan for  a leisure bamboo rafting.

Pay 10 yuan for a leisure bamboo rafting.
Pay 10 yuan for a leisure bamboo rafting.

The rivers circle the houses in the town.

Water and Houses
Water and Houses

Xingning Temple was built in 1755.

Xingning Temple
Xingning Temple

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