How to Visit Xingping (Tips, Photos & Map)

Xingping (兴坪) is one of the ancient towns along Li River, about 26km north of Yangshuo Town (阳朔) and 91km southeast of Guilin (桂林). Most tourists would choose to visit Xingping from Yangshuo by bus. The buses leave from Yangshuo South Bus Station.

Xingping, or Xingping Town is recognized by Google Map as “Xingpingzhen” and “zhen” here means “town” in Chinese.

Xingping Town (Xingpingzhen) and Yangshuo Town (Yangshuozhen) Road Map (Google)

Busing from Yangshuo or Guilin to Xingping

The current Yangshuo South Bus Station is about 5-minute’s walk from the roundabout at the southern end of Kangzhan Road (抗战路) in Yangshuo Town. Many local buses stop at the south bus station.

The buses going between Yangshuo and Xingping are plentiful (every 15 minutes) and you don’t need to buy your ticket at the ticketing office. You just pay your bus ticket on board due to the short distance.

The 40-minute’ bus ride allow you go through villages and one town flanked by the farmlands with the background of the karst hills, an interesting chance to look at the authentic rural life. Bus fare: 8 yuan.

There are also direct long-distance bus service between Guilin and Xingping. Specifically 8 daily buses run between the two places. So if you want to go back to Guilin after visiting Xingping, you can easily choose the direct bus service instead of returning to Yangshuo for the bus transit at Yangshuo Bus Station.

Virtual Tour of Xingping Old Town

Now follow me to have a virtual tour of the charming old town – Xingpingzhen.

Get on the bus for Xingping
On the way from Yangshuo to Xingpingzhen

Arriving at Xingping Bus Station,  you exit from the gate and you will be on the old street of the ancient town of Xingping.

Walk out of the Xingping Bus Station and you’ll be on the old town.

Xingpingzhen is a two-street ancient town in the shape of “T”, flanked by the well-preserved one or two-story brick and stone houses of Lingnan style with flagged stone streets.

Xingpingzhen is a two-street ancient town.

Two-story brick and stone houses of Lingnan style

two-story brick and stone houses of Lingnan style

The doors and the handrails on balconies were made of wood.

The doors and the handrails on balconies were made of wood

Most of the houses in the old towns are protected and preserved with the money generated from their house rental.

A trendy bar

The old houses on the street are usually renovated and decorated into fancy and trendy bars, restaurants, boutiques, shops and even bike repairs to serve the even increasing number of cyclists.

Bike Repairs

Bike Repairs

A restaurant offers the local flavors

A restaurant offers the local flavors

At the end of the street, you will see a bar restaurant known as ” The Old Place”.  This pretty bar offers sandwiches, pizza and local flavors. You may come back for lunch here.

The Old Place

Now you are at the T-conjunction and you are recommended to turn left on the way to the old opera stage. The well preserved ancient opera stage dates back to Qing Dynasty with ornate carvings.

At the T-conjunction, turn left into a narrow street.

The entrance to the old stage

The entrance to the old stage

The ancient opera stage

The ancient opera stage

20 Yuan Renminbi Note Landscape and Cruise or Rafting

Backtrack and exit from the ancient street,  you have two choices – 1)  Go straight and cross the bridge, then walk for 8 minutes and get to the viewing platform to see the landscape printed on the back of the 20 yuan renminbi note; 2) turn left and walk to the Xingping Pier either for bamboo rafting or take the “President Tour” for a 2-hour boat tour including the visit to Fish Village.

Landscape printed on the 20 yuan note

Landscape printed on the 20 yuan note

Xingping Dock for  President Tour

Xingping Dock for President Tour

Xingping Dock for bamboo rafting and boating

Xingping Dock for bamboo rafting and boating

Xingping is the highlight of Li River cruising with the mesmerizing river running 20km within Xinping.

Highlight of Li River Cruising

Highlight of Li River Cruising

You may take the bus back to Yangshuo or continue to go to Guilin. Guilin Qintan Bus Station operate the bus service between Guilin and Xingping.

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4 thoughts on “How to Visit Xingping (Tips, Photos & Map)

  1. If I take a bamboo raft from yangdi to xingping, how will I reach the 20 yuan senic spot after reach the xingping dock.
    And, how can I go the bus station from the senic spot to catch a bus to yangshuo?

  2. What time the last bus back to Yangshuo from Xingping? If I stay at Xingpin until evening (after the sunset) what option will I have? How much cost taxi from Xingping to Yangshuo?

  3. Dear Ronald Simanjuntak,

    As far as I know, the last bus from Xingping to Yangshuo leaves at 8:00 pm. But sometimes it will start earlier due to tourist low season. When you arrive at Xingping, just ask them for the latest bus back to Yangshuo.

    If you miss the last bus, you may take a local taxi, costing you about 50-60 yuan.

    If you are lucky, you may share a mini-bus ( 9 seats ) with others and each pays 5 or 6 yuan.

    Have a nice time in Xingping and Yangshuo.

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