Shili Scenery Gallery in Yangshuo (Tips, Photos & Maps)

“Shili” literally means “10 li” in Chinese.  The “li” is known as Chinese mile, a traditional Chinese unit of distance. Now one “li” is equal to half a kilometre.

Shili Scenery Gallery Road Map (Google)

The Shili Scenery Gallery in Yangshuo (阳朔十里画廊) metaphysically refers to the mesmerizing 6km-long road starting from the southern end of Kangzhan Road (抗战路) in downtown Yangshuo to Moon Hill in Gaotianzhen ( Gaotian Town) in Yangshuo.

Origin of Shili Scenery Gallery in Yangshuo

When President Carter of the United States came to Visit Yangshuo, he learned from the bodyguards there was a charming road flanked with many small beautiful scenes they saw passing by in a flash by car. After hearing this, Carter temporarily put forward to the reception staff to change the tour plan, borrowing a few bicycles and roaming the present day ” The Shili Scenery Gallery in Yangshuo” (actually the metaphoric name was coined after Carter’s visit).

To this end, the government in 2000 specially built a nearly 10 li (just meaning a long distance) of bicycle path, viewing platforms, rest pavilions, etc., for tourists to freely enjoy the scenery along the way.

The locals call it the Carter Scenic Path. The 6km scenic road is flanked by idyllic fields, weird caves, undulating karst hills, the charming Yulong River,  old Banyan trees, ancient villages, and seasonal flowers, presenting a picturesque corridor which is gradually dubbed as “Shili Scenery Gallery ” or “Ten-Mile Gallery” you just name it as li and mile here don’t mean the exact distance, just a metaphor.

How to Visit Shili Scenery Gallery in Yangshuo

No entry fee for the bucolic sightseeing country road. But there are around 10 yuan for each pay attraction along the scenic corridor. These attraction sites are the result of the years’ investment and tourist development by the local governments all levels and private sectors as well.

The Ten-Mile Scenery Gallery has been a bit overdeveloped in recent years with too many tourist groups flocking here by bus during the tourist high season, especially during summer vacation in July and August. Though the tourist buses may line up closely along the scenic road, it is still worth experiencing the idyllic charm that permeates the whole gallery.

If you are going to visit Yangshuo on your Guilin tour, spend 2 or 3 hours to feel and touch the sightseeing Shili Scenery Gallery. You may cycle or even walk along the Shili Scenery Gallery. Bikes are available all over Yangshuo with a small amout of 10 yuan.

Virtual Tour of Ten-Mile Scenery Gallery in Yangshuo

Follow me to feel the Shili Scenery Gallery.

Cycling and Viewing

Biking along Shili Scenery Gallery
Biking along Shili Scenery Gallery

Mother and son

Mother and Son
Mother and Son
father and Son

Father and son

Cycling through the idyllic country road

Bike along the green belt.
Bike along the green belt.

Karst Hills and Lotus Flower

Karst Hills and Lotus.
Karst Hills and Lotus.

Karst Hill and yellow Flower

Hill and Flower
Hills and Flowers

Bike in spite of scorching sun

Biking inspite of the scorching sun
Biking inspite of the scorching sun

Yulong River

Yulong River
Yulong River

Stop and take pictures

Stop and take pictures
Stop and take pictures

Cycling on and on

Cycling on and on
Cycling on and on

Shili Scenery Gallery and Yulong River Comb Day Trip

Note: You can combine your trip to Shili Scenery Gallery in Yangshuo with the bamboo rafting on Yulong River. Yulong River (遇龙河), about 7 km southwest of Yangshuo, is the largest tributary of Li River with a total length of 16 km starting from Jinlong Bridge and Yulong Bridge, ends at Gongnong Bridge, and emptying itself into Li River.

The scenery along Yulong River is breathtaking. Yulong River is often regarded as a  smaller and quieter Li River.

Location of Yulong River and Shili Scenery Gallery

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