Ciqikou Old Town in Chongqing (Tips, Photos & Map)

Plan your Chongqing tour? Ciqikou is an ace in the hand of Chongqing Municipality that they could use to beat other cities in so called keeping the old structure and respecting the local culture. Chengdu has Kuan Zhai Xiang, Hangzhou has Qinghefang, Shanghai has Yuyuan Bazaar, Tianjin has an ancient cultural street, Hohhot has Saishanglaojie and more.

Among many modern cities in China, there exists a similar tendency towards returning and idolizing the ancients by restoring the old towns or streets.

The reasons behind the massive government behaviors are various. The seek for economic results are an important impetus in the move to the restoration and gentrification of the these old and less developed areas in modern cities.

Well, like it or not, your Chongqing tour will definitely include a half day trip to Ciqikou old town, originally called Longyinzhen (dragon hidden town), approx. 12 northwest of Flying Tigers Museum ( aka Stilwell Museum), downtown Chongqong.

Ciqikou, 12km northwest of Stilwell Museum (aka Flying Tiger Museum) Google Map

Ciqikou literally means “Porcelain Port”.  The name of the town can be traced back to porcelain production during the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing Dynasties. Ciqikou is located on the west bank of the Jialing River.

The main street packed with visitors

The main street packed with visitors
Making mahua, a popular local fried sugar dough snack
Sells fried dough, Mahua
Making Ciba, a kind of sticky rice cakes sprinkled with peanuts
Sell ciba
Kid clothes store
Sugar-coated hawthorn, a local snack?
The main entrance to Ciqikou Old Town

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2 thoughts on “Ciqikou Old Town in Chongqing (Tips, Photos & Map)

  1. I want to plan a one day tour of Ciqikou for myself and five students, I want to follow the itinerary laid out below with a tour guide, are you able to facilitate this or direct us to a company that can?

    In the morning picked up by guide, drive to 50th Zengjiayan CCP military headquarter to learn about CCP’s cooperation with KMT government and American Ally during the war.

    Visit the Gui Villa where Jiang Kai-Shek and Mao met before civil war.

    Visit the Chongqing Museum with urban planning models and manifestation of business and folk life at that time.

    Later, drive to river side of Jialing River. Under the steep cliff of Goose Neck Hill we will visit the General Stillwell’s museum.


    In the afternoon, we will drive up the South Mountain, visit the Chiang Kai-Shek and Soong May-Ling’s villa and KMT military head quarter under forest coverage. We expect more knowledge about Chiang Kai-Shek and Soong May-Ling’s daily life, Soong May-Ling’s speaking tour of United States to gain support, as well as George Marshall and Stillwell’s relationship with the couple.

    Visit Hong Yan Cun—site of the Chongqing Negotiations

    Visit Zazi Dong and Baigong Guan—prisons where communists were held.

    Visit Ge Le Shan—location of Zazi Dong and Baigong Guan–known as “Happy Valley” where pre-CIA/ U.S. Navy trained Guomingdang forces.

    Visit Martyr’s Museum—located near Zazi dong and Baigong Guan—memorial museum commemorating those who died at the prison.

    Last stop to Jiefanbei, the original business center which was heavily bombed. Visit the WWII Liberation Monument.

    Drop to back to pick up point.

  2. Hi Daryl Sinclair,

    Thanks for your inquiry! Much appreciated! I have forwarded your request to our travel service center to see what we can do for your Chongqing trip.

    So one of our staff members will contact you tomorrow by email regarding your Chongqing visit. Thanks again!

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