Three Gorges Museum

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If you are keen on the Three Gorges, its history and project and Chongqing History as well, China Three Gorges Museum is not to be missed on your Chongqing Tour. The museum is located just opposite Chongqing People’s Hall. The visit to Chongqing People’Hall is naturally coupled with the rewarding tour of the Three Gorges Museum.

The exterior of the musuem has curved walls and transparent dome, demonstrating the culture and history of the Three Gorges and Chongqing area as a whole. The exhibition hall occupies over 20,000 square meters, holding 4 main deplays and 6 specialised displays.

The dislays cover the following subjects:
The culture and history of Three Gorges
The origin and development of Chongqing history
The Anti-Japanese War (1937-1945)
Paintings and calligraphies
Porcelains various dynasties
Sculptures Folk customs…

The exterior of Three Gorges Museum viewed at a distance

A closer glimpse of the Museum’s front

The museum is free of charge with opening hours from 9:00 to 17:00 ( closed on Monday ).
Any questions, just drop a line.


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