Zhazidong prison, the site of Zhazidong Prison

For a domestic Chinese tourist, no Chongqing Tour is complete without visiting Zhazidong prison. The site of Zhazidong Prison was covertly set up in 1943 by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) . It is located in Gele Mountains, northwest of Chongqing.

Zhazidong was a coal mine turned prison with 16 wards for men and 2 for women holding 300 prisoners at most. There were also torture chambers,  the rooms for officers and guides. This was the place where Communists were massacred and tortured by Nationalist Party during the Chinese Civil War between 1945 and 1949.

Less than two months after the founding of the People’s Republic of China  proclaimed by Chairman Mao Ocobter 1, 1949,  a fire was set to the men prison wards, on Nov 27, 1949, slaughtered all the communists but 15 who managed to break through the walls and escaped.

Now the site of Zhazidong Prison has been turned to a museum, a “Red Revolution Education Site” for the new generations. Nearly all the Chinese people more or less know about the stories behind Zhazidong Prison. I can still recall an article in my high school reccording the story about the youngest martyr – Song Zhengzong.

He was only one year old when he was arrested with his Mom. He didn’t know the taste of a candy or sweets. He grew skiny and bony due to the lack of nutrition. His nickname was “Little Radish” simply because his head looked big with a thin body.

The signboard indicating the site of Zhazidong Prison, a national level historical relics.

The signboard indicating the site of Zhazidong Prison, a national leve historical relics.
The interrogation room
All kinds of torture instruments
People are visiting the two-storey prison wards
The slogan on the wall written by KMT in a hope to encourage the prisoners to change their beliefs
A prison ward

Now it is the 21th century when CCP and KTM are on the way to their third “Alliance” in the aspects of tourism, agriculture, industry, arts, sports and more.

Hopefully there will be more reconciliation between the mainland and Taiwan, and no more civil wars in China.

Address: Lingyun Rd, Shapingba District, Chongqing
How to get there:
1)Take light rail line 1 and get off at Shijingpo Station, you can get there on foot;

2) Take Bus no. 232 and 232 and Get off at Yingshanhong Station

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Zhazidong prison, the site of Zhazidong Prison
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