Top 10 Campsites in Beijing

Plan your Beijing tour? The popularity of camping has surged in Beijing in recent years as the rising middle class holidaymakers have looked for ways to enjoy a break.

If you are an enthusiastic camper and thinking of locating a camping point around Beijing to experience the true wilderness, or planning a camping activity for building self-reliance and teamwork, the listed “Top 10 Campgrounds in Beijing” is intended to give you some camp tips and guides for your future camping around Beijing. Here are ten top campsites around the Beijing…

1. Haituoshan ( Haituo Mountain ) 海坨山露营
Highlights: The camp site at Haituo Mountain is dubbed as ” The Paradise for Beijing backpackers”.  The peak at Haituo Mountain is the second highest in Beijing and also the one of the top 10 non-famous peaks in China, 2241 meters at the sea level.

It is a wonderful place to see the magnificent sunrise in Beijing. Its beauty of the alpine meadows attracts a consistent flow of hikers and campers to come to Haituo Mountain.

The campsites at Haituo Mountain are located about 130 km north of Beijing and  18 km north of Yanqing County.

2. Lingshan Mountain (灵山)
Highlights: It is both a pride and thriller to be able to camp on Lingshan Mountain, the highest mountain (the main peak 2303m) around Beijing. Lingshan Mountain is located in the north-west of Mentougou District, 122km west of Beijing downtown.

Lingshan is famous for its high peaks, alpine meadows, and rich resources of animals and plants. Lingshan Scenic Area is also inclusive of two ancient high mountain villages – Hongshuikou Village and Jiangshuihe Village. On the top, there is a grassland suitable for tent camping. Trekking hand in hand with camping in Lingshan Mountain, a very exciting activity.

Camping Tips: On the mountaintop, it could very blustery. Be ready for a wind resistant tent and pay attention to your safety while putting up your tent.

Entrance Fee:RMB35
Add:Lingshan Mountain Scenic Area (北京市门头沟区灵山景区管理处)
Public Transport:Take Bus 929(929支) from Pingguoyuan Subway Station (苹果园)of Line1 and get off at the stop of Shuangtangjian (双溏涧站)
Self-drive: Drive from Fushi Road(阜石路) to Shijingshan (石景山), continue to move westwards and drive along the National Highway No.109 and turn right at Shuangtangjian (双溏涧) and get to Lingshan.

3. Xiangshuihu Lake (响水湖)
Highlights: Xiangshuihu Lake Scenic Area is located to the west of Jiankou Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall, about 85 km from downtown Beijing. Its main scenic area is a splendid natural valley with the sections of the Great Wall ( Moshikou Great Wall and Luanling Great Wall and Lianyunling Great Wall ) winding on the surrounding mountains.

The splendid natural valley is the so-called Xiangshuihu Lake, which is not a lake, only a gash of water from the head of a spring in the valley. “Xiangshuihu” literally means “singing water’, such named due to the sound the spring of the water makes. The valley is a perfect camping spot for outdoor people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and experience the wildness.

Camping Tips: Before camping, please contact the administration of the Xianhshui Lake Scenic Area for the permission.

Tel: 010-89602539
Entrance Fee:RMB20
Add:To the east of Dazhenyu Village, Bohai Township, Huairou District, Beijing(北京市怀柔区渤海镇大榛峪村)
Public: Take bus 916 from Dongzhimen Bus Terminal to the Huairou International Convention Center, then change for to a minibus to Xiangshui Lake

4. Baihebao Reservoir 白河堡水库
Highlights: About 85 kilometers north of Beijing flows a river called Bai River ( white river), named as such because in the summer, it appears like a dragon with shiny, white scales. Along the Bai River there is a reservoir called Baihebao Reservoir, the highest and the third largest of Beijing’s reservoirs at an elevation of 560 meters.

The water from the Baibao Reservoir is a drinking water storage for Beijing area. The Baibao Reservoir is densely forested with 85% greenery coverage. While camping by the shallow beaches around the lake, you can enjoy the stunning views of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall on the mountains by the reservoir.

Camp Tips: Contact the Baibaohe Reservoir before you decide to camp there.

Add: Xiangying Village, Yanqing County, Beijing (北京市延庆县香营村)
Self-drive: Drive along Jingchang Expressway (京昌高速公路) and get off from the exit of Xiguan (昌平西关) and drive to the direction of Ming Tombs (十三陵方向),then turn left at the crossroad of Changling (长陵路口左转), drive to Yongning, Yanqing County (延庆永宁), Liubinbao (刘斌), drive to Baibaohe Reservior (白河堡水库).

5. Ming Tombs Reservoir 十三陵水库
Highlights: The Ming Tombs Reservoir is dotted green grass merging with sky for sweet dreams. There is a large grassland for camping of over one hundred people. Facing the dam and accompanied by the water, BBQ, grill, singing and dancing, a perfect location for camping.

Camping Tips: It could be a bit cold at night, so bring more warm covers and wear warmly.

Tel: 010-60713399
Add: Ming Tombs, Changping District, Beijing (北京市昌平区十三陵水库)
Public Bus: Take bus 912 from Andingmen Bus Terminal and get off at the reservoir ( 在安定门乘912路公共汽车可直达)
Self-drive: drive along Jingchang Expressway and get off at the exit of Xiguan (昌平西关) and continue to drive to the reservoir area.

6. Huangsongyu Reservoir 黄松峪水库
Highlights: Huangsongyu Reservoir could be your peaceful escape from your bustle and hassle of city life. It lies at the foot of Huangsongyu Great Wall in Huangsongyu Village in Pinggu District, about 100km in the northeast of Beijing city proper.

Huangsongyu Reservoir has also become a leisure place for middle class urban residents who come here to rewind themselves on weekends, fishing, camping and homestay at Huangsongyu Village or Diaowo Village.

Camping Tips: The best season to visit the reservoir falls between June and September.

Add: Huangsongyu Village on the northeast of Pinggu District, Beijing (北京市平谷区东北部长城脚下黄松峪村)
Public Transport: Just take the public bus 918 at Dongzhimen Transport Hub to the downtown of Pinggu District. After arriving at the bus terminal of Pinggu, change for Bus 25 passing by Huangsongyu Reservoir. For self-drive holiday makers, first drive along Jingping Expressway, then follow the sign pointing to Huangsongyu Village and Huangsongyu Rservoir.

7. Jiugukou Natural Scenic Area 九谷口自然风景区
Highlights: Jiugukou Natural Scenic Area has the largest camping ground in Beijing. The scenic area is circled by the mountains topped by the Great Wall in the Ming Dynasty. BBQ, grill, though not far from th city of Beijing, it is a good camping spot to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy a stary sky.

Camping Tips: Contact the camping site before you plan your camping there.

Tel: 010-89696677
Add: No.548, Hefangkou Village, Huaibei Town, Huairou District, Beijing 101408
北京市怀柔区怀北镇河防口村548号 邮编101408
Public Bus: Take Bus No. 936 (branch)/ 936(支)线 at Dongzhimen Bus Terminal.
Business hours: Beijing – Huaibei Ski Resort: 7:00 – 19:00; Huaibei Ski Resort – Beijing 5:00 – 17:00.
Self-drive: Take the Jingcheng Expressway and exit from Exit 14. Then drive along Huidu Road (会都路), then drive along National Highway No.111 (111 国道) and drive past Yanxi Lake (雁西湖), further move on for 5km in the north and you will get to the resort.

8. Labagoumen National Forest Park 喇叭沟门国家森林公园
Highlights: The forest park is located at the Labagoumen Manchu Village in Huairou County, north of Beijing. It is well known for the steep cliff, the mysterious valley, the largest area of birch forest in China, over 600 kinds of floristic and about 300 species of animals.

Camping Tips: It is better not to camp in the mountain for the safety reason.

Add: Sunsanzi Village, Labagoumen Manchu Town,Huairou District, Beijing (北京市怀柔区喇叭沟门满族乡孙栅子村)
Self-drive: Drive along the Jingcheng Expressway and get off at the exit of Huairou, pass by the downtown of Huairou district, then drive according to the road sign to the Labagoumen Village.

9. Yunmengshan National Forest Park 云蒙山国家森林公园
Highlights: Yunmengshan literally means “a mountain always covered by mist”. The Yunmengshan National Forest Park lies at the border of Miyun District and Huairou District, which is a renown resort and national level park.

Yunmengshan is viewed as “Tiny Huangshan” because of its gorgeous scenes like the towering peaks, deep valleys, strange stones, streams all around, changeable clouds, luxuriant trees, beautiful flowers.

Camping Tips: Around 5℃ in the evening and wear warmly. Be ready for a pair of comfortable shoes for long-time walking on the mountains.

Tel: 010-61622481 61622381
Add: By the Beijing Fengning Road, about 81km north of Beijing (北京丰宁公路81公里处)
Public Bus: Take the direct bus 936 from Dongzhimen Bus Terminal to Labagoumen Village which passes by Yunmenshan National Park.

10. Tianmo Desert 天漠
Highlights: Tianmo Desert with two grand sand dunes is a stretch barren land, about 80km northeast of Beijing. When you are here, you may enjoy the fun of sliding, horse racing, camel riding and etc. Standing on the sand dunes, you can enjoy the stunning views of the Quanting Reservoir in the north and the massive Junsushan Mountain Ranges.

Camping Tips: Contact Tianmo Desert before planning your camping there.

Tianmo sand skiing: RMB30 per hour
Bathing beach: RMB15
Off-road vehicles: RMB30/ circle
Riding a horse: RMB60/h
Add: Southwest of Donghuayuan, Huailai County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. (河北省张家口市怀来县东花园西南)
How to get there:

Drive along Jingzhang Expressway and get off at the exit of Kangzhuang and pass by Kangzhuang Town and drive to Tianmo Desert according to the road sign.

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