Night View of Forbidden City

Plan your Beijing tour? We suggest you have a night tour in Beijing If you are lucky to have a clear night with good visibility in Beijing.

So where to see at night in Beijing? Beijing has much to offer after nightfall with numerous buildings and roads  lit up in a multi-coloured blaze with surreal atmosphere.

Night View of Forbidden City from Jingshan Hill Summit

Well, let’s start with Forbidden City. Though not allowed to enter Forbidden City for a night view,  people still have the opportunity to see Forbidden City’s night beauty.

Climbing up to Wanchun Pavilion atop the Jingshan Hill north of Forbidden City (just 180 meter stone steps) and have a panorama of Forbidden City.

Standing on the terrace in the Wanchun Pavilion on the hill top

Standing on the terrace in the Wanchun Pavilion atop the Jingshan Hill north of Forbidden City, take clear pictures of Forbidden City at night with the south backdrop of lit Tiananmen Square.

Forbidden City Panorama at night

Move your camera from the middle to the right side ( northwest corner of Forbidden City) for a good shot.

The Northwest Corner of Forbidden City

Point your camera to the left side ( the northeast corner of Forbidden City).

The northeast corner of Forbidden City)

Night View of Forbidden City along the Bank of the Moat

You may walk to the moat along on the northern wall of Forbidden City. The night view of the turrets of Forbidden City is stunning with traditional buildings coated with lights.

Amateur photographers

Walk to the northwest corner of Forbidden City and take the exhilarating picture of the turret and moat with the backdrop of the bright moon.

The Northwest Turret of Forbidden City
A moonlit night

Stroll along the moat outside the northern wall of Forbidden City.

Stroll along the moat north of Forbidden City

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2 thoughts on “Night View of Forbidden City

  1. We have a layover at the airport in Beijing arriving at 11:45 p.m. until 9:05 a,m, Is there a night tour we could take? Or possibly drive to the Great Wall and wait til sunrise see it early and return? we have two layovers like this One on the way to Thailiand and one on the return.

  2. Dear Howard Mcomber,

    Thanks for your inquiry!

    At present we don’t have a mid-night tour of Beijing. As for the sunrise tour of the Wall, basically you don’t have enough time to do the tour. Usually the Great Wall is open at 8 or 8:30 in the morning. Hope you come back next time allocated more time for the brilliant city of Beijing. Thanks again for your inquiry!

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