Night View of Birds Nest ( Beijing National Stadium)

The centerpiece of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics was the Beijing National Stadium, dubbed as “Birds Nest”. It hosted both the opening and closing ceremonies for the Beijing 2008.

Now the Bird’s Nest has become one of the most successful post-Olympics legacies, attracting some 20,000 to 30,000 people a day for an exterior glimpse or inside visit.

The stadium is composed of two independent structures, with 50 feet apart: a red concrete seating bowl and the outer steel frame around it. The design of the outer steel frames look like a huge bird’s nest, hence the nickname of Beijing National Stadium.

The standout stadium is now one of the hotspots for tourists and photography enthusiasts as well. It is illuminated every night from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The inside flood lighting produces splendidly red and yellow neon lights, turning the whole bird’s-nest-shaped structure into a magnificent burning fire.

The best spot to shoot the Birds Nest day or night is on the southeast of the colossal building overlooking a dragon-shaped water system. At night the lit-up stadium has a beautiful reflection on the water, attracting a consistent flow of photography enthusiasts.

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Using a wide-angle lens to shoot the stadium from the southeast.
A Closer Look at the Steel Structure of the Bird’s Nest
Sunset over the Stadium
Beautiful Water Reflection at Sunset
The Stadium has a beautiful water reflection when illuminated
Beautifully Lit-up Beijing National Stadium
The Picture of the Whole Stadium Illuminated
A Closer Glimpse of the Lit-up Steal Frames of the Building.
Visiting Beijing National Stadium

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