How to Visit Beijing in Three Days

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Beijing is packed with hundreds of attractions – scenic spots, historical sites, museums and a great choice of local events. If you are going to spend only three days for your Beijing Tours, you should smartly choose the attractions worth visiting per your taste.

I’m pleased to offer you my version of Beijing three day tour for your reference. Hopefully based on my suggested 3-day Beijing Tour plan, you are able to design your own Beijing three-day tour schedule.

Day One:
Check out ” How to Visit Beijing in One Day ” for the detailed travel information for the first day tour arrangement.

Day Two:
Check out ” How to Visit Beijing in Two Days” for the detailed travel information for the second day tour arrangement.

Day Three:
On the third day, you are going to visit Beijing Panda House, Summer Palace and Olympic Sites.

Beijing Panda House
The Beijing Panda House is composed of two parts, namely the Asian Games Panda House and Beijing Olympic Games Panda House.

The Asian Games Panda House was constructed in 1990. During the Asian Games 1990, the giant panda “Pan Pan” was chosen as the mascot of the 11th Asian Games in Beijing.

Beijing Panda House

The giant panda “Jing Jing” was again chosen as one of the mascots of the 29th Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing.

Check out” Beijing Panda House” for detailed information.

Summer Palace
Summer Palace was a royal palace in later Qing Dynasty, only secondary to the Forbidden City ( now the Palace Museum ).

Summer Palace is actually not just a royal palace where once Princess Dowager Cixi and the emperor lived and handled court affairs, accepted laudations and received foreign diplomats during their stay in the Summer Palace.

Boat Ride on Kunming Lake

It also epitomizes classical Chinese architecture, in terms of both garden design and construction. It is the largest royal garden in Beijing, now a good retreat for holiday makers.

Check out ” How to Visit Summer Palace ” for detailed information

Olympic Sites ( Water Cube and Bird Nest )
The successful Beijing 2008 Olympic Games has left a deep impression on people’s mind in the world. For many foreign visitors, the temptation is great to visit the Bird’Nest (Beijing National Stadium ) and Water Cube (Beijing National Aquatics Center).

Using a wide-angle lens to shoot the stadium from the southeast.

Check out ” How to visit Bird’s Nest and Water Cube” for more information.

06611Tip:  Hassle-free Beijing Guided Tours
If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for guided tours to Beijing:

For Beijing airport layover tours, please check out Beijing layover tours.Beijing Highlight Day Tour from US$59 P/P
(Tiananmen + Forbidden City + Mutianyu Great Wall)
Beijing Classic City Tour from US$65 P/P
(Tiananmen + Forbidden City + Temple of Heaven + Summer Palace)
Beijing Excursion Tour from US$59 P/P
(Mutianyu Great Wall + Ming Tomb)
Beijing Hutong Highlight Tour from US$59 P/P 
( Hutong + Rickshaw)Mutianyu Great Wall Half Day Tour from US$55 p/p
Hike from Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall Day Tour from US$69 p/p

Mutianyu Great Wall Layover Tour from US$65 p/p
Beijing Highlight Layover Tour from US$75 p/p

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