How to Visit Badachu Park in Beijing

Beijing Badachu Park is a delightful escape from the modern concrete forest of skyscrapers. We’d like to share the beautiful moments visiting Badachu Park with you.

The Eight Buddhist Temples and Nunneries

“Badachu” here literally means”eight great sites”, which refer to the eight Buddhist temples and nunneries in the park, hence the name of Beijing Badachu Park.

Located south of the Fragrant Hill in the west of Beijing city proper, this large park has picturesque scenery with three lush green hills and clear-flowing mountain streams.

The park is about 27km to the northwest of Tiananmen Square, Beijing.

The eight Buddhist temples and nunneries are scattered around the three hills (Cuiwei, Pingpo and Lushi) in the park, which includes Chang’an Temple (长安寺), Lingguang Temple (灵光寺), Sanshan Nunnery (三山庵), Dabei Temple (大悲寺), Longquan Nunnery (龙泉庵), Xiangjie Temple (香界寺), Baozhu Cave (宝珠洞) and Zhengguo Temple.

The Main Entrance to Badachu Park

Basically you can stroll from one temple to another, enjoying the beautiful scenery and admiring ancient pine, cypress, willow and gingko trees. Some of the trees in Badachu Park have been standing for over 600 years.

Lingguang Temple (Temple of Divine Light) is the only temple with resident monks.

Among the eight religious sites, Lingguang Temple (Temple of Divine Light) is the only temple with resident monks. This temple is most worth visiting with the rebuilt 13-story Buddha Tooth Pagoda, on a site which previously kept the sacred Buddha tooth.

It is said in China there are three sites containing the sacred Buddha tooth, and Beijing have two sites.

In China, the calabash, or “bottle-gourd” plants are revered as a symbol of longevity and perfect health.

Xiangjie Temple (Fragrant World Temple) is the largest temple in the park. Baozhu Cave (the Cave of Precious Pearls) is perched highest up the mountain. The two temples are also worth your visits.

Spectacular Views of the Park

Beijing Badachu Park is not only designed for devout Buddhists, or temple lovers, but for park goers, and hiking enthusiasts.

With less than an hour’s walk from the foot of the hill to the top, on a clear-sky day, you can have spectacular panorama views of Beijing city.

Spectacular panorama views of Beijing city

Badachu Park is especially popular in autumn when the hills turn red, but it is an attractive and peaceful place to visit all year round.

How to Get There

The park is about 27km to the northwest of Tiananmen Square, the center of Beijing.

To get there, if you want to use the local public transport system, you can take Bus 972 from Pingguoyuan subway station; take Bus 347 at Jishuitan, Xizhimen, Zoo and Baishi Bridge subway stations.

Where to Eat

There is an elegant and neat vegetarian restaurant in the park.

I suggest having a good rest the day before, then next morning you can sleep long and wake up lazily, leaving at 9 am and arriving at the park around 11 am.

You can first go to the vegetarian restaurant for lunch and then go hiking in the park.

Boiled Jiaozi ( Chinese dumplings)

The best way to visit the park is to hike up the mountain and then slide down. The slide is very interesting. Enjoy your trip!

Fees for Entrance, Cable Car and Slides

Cable Up and Down

Admission Fee (Adult) : 10 yuan per person

Children (under 1.2 meters high): free of charge

Adult ticket for Cable Down: 60 yuan/person

Adult ticket for Cable Up + Down : 120 yuan/person

Adult ticket for Slide Down: 80 yuan/person

Children ticket for Cable Down : 30 yuan/person

Children ticket for Cable Up and Down : 60 yuan/person

Children ticket for Slide Down: 40 yuan/person

Parent-child combo ticket for Sliding Down: 120 yuan

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