Our Company get-together Dinner greeting the coming Chinese New Year 2011

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This evening we get together for a company dinner to greet the coming Chinese new year 2011 at Glory Mall. This mall is located in the commercial center of Chongwenmen area, just opposite the New World Department Store. The mall occupies 120,000 sq. meter with three floors on the ground and two floors underground. There asre some fashionable and popular brands such H&M, Hot Wind, Prich, Calvin Klein, Only, Vero Moda and Jack Jones. As a mall, it also has various kind restaurants and one big cinema called Broadway.

Glory Mall Exterior


Inside the Mall


The mall Interior

Our restaurant is on the third floor. It is one of the famous chain restaurants called Zhang Shengji (Xihuhui) with its headquarters in my hometowm. So the restaurant mainly offers Hangzhou cuisine. We reserve a private room big enough to serve large tables accommodating 30 people or so. After one year’s toil, this evening we pamper ourselves eating, drinking, talking and teasing each other. Life could be nicer and more beautiful if we had a light and balanced heart.

Our Restaurant - Zhang Shengji (Xihuhui) is on the third floor.

A cozy private room


Cheers for the new year 2011


Cheers for the coming spring festival


Enjoy chatting over eating foods

Enjoy the cold dishes

With drinking more alcohol, we become happier and more excited.

The effects of alcohol works on him!

One more cup of beer

Thank each other for the teamwork.

Four beauties in our office


We don’t live to eat, but eating does enrich our life. We have ordered over a dozen of yummy Hangzhou food including cold dishes and hot ones. They serve really good Hangzhou local flavors. Follow me to taste them!

Cold Dish - Sweet lotus root with glutinous rice

Cold Dish - Plain Chicken

Pickled duck

Smoked fish

Cold dish - Beef

Old Duck Stewed with Bamboo Root &Ham

Bamboo braised in soy sause

Boiled scallops

Chilli bull-frogs

Fired Shrimps

Fried quails

Sour pickled cabbage fish

Dongpu Park

Beancurd Skin with special meat filling

Beef filet with Hangzhou chilli

Braised beans

Greens mixed with beancurd skin

Buns with fillings


Post dinner fruit

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