Our Company get-together Dinner greeting the Chinese Lunar New Year 2011

Glory Mall Exterior
Inside the Mall
The mall Interior
Our Restaurant – Zhang Shengji (Xihuhui) is on the third floor.
A cozy private room
Cheers for the new year 2011
Cheers for the coming spring festival
Enjoy chatting over eating foods
Enjoy the cold dishes
With drinking more alcohol, we become happier and more excited.
The effects of alcohol works on him!
One more cup of beer
Thank each other for the teamwork.
Four beauties in our office
Cold Dish – Sweet lotus root with glutinous rice
Cold Dish – Plain Chicken
Pickled duck
Smoked fish
Cold dish – Beef
Old Duck Stewed with Bamboo Root &Ham
Bamboo braised in soy sause
Boiled scallops
Chilli bull-frogs
Fired Shrimps
Fried quails
Sour pickled cabbage fish
Dongpu Park
Beancurd Skin with special meat filling
Beef filet with Hangzhou chilli
Braised beans
Greens mixed with beancurd skin
Buns with fillings
Post dinner fruit

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