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There are several ways to prepare for the coming Chinese New Year (Spring Festival). One is room or office decorations with door couplets, paper-cuts for windows and hanging charms. This morning we go to the nearest market to buy some Chinese new year auspicious things for office decorations.
Every year we stick to the tradition of Chinese new year office decorations in a hope of having good luck for the coming new year.
Busy preparing for the office decorations
Show the couplets
Show the paper-cuts for the window decorations
Spring Festival Door Couplets
Spring Festival Couplet, also known as Door Couplet, indicates people’s great expectation for the future. It is a kind of literary form of Chinese characteristics. It is also an integrated part of Chinese New Year culture. Spring Festival Couplet derived from the portraits of Door Gods drawn on peach wood, which were often hung outside the door all through the year to keep off evil spirits.
Our Door Couplets for the Year 2011
Paper-cuts for Window Decorations
The paper-cut for window decoration sends out a kind of the joyous festive air and brings enjoyment to people as well as kind of decoration and beautification. The paper-cut is very popular during Spring Festival in China, well received by people at the ages. Paper-cut for window decoration is rich in content with various themes coming from ordinary life. Its subjects are plentiful, such as mythical legends , folk stories with different images like birds, fishes, flowers and the most important animal of year.
See-through Paper-cuts for window decorations
Chinese New Year Danglers
People like to buy the new year danglers to decorate their houses or offices for auspiciousness as well as to add more festive atmosphere in Spring Festival. The most popular danglers are the animal of the year. Divided into a 12 year cycle, each Chinese lunar year is marked by an animal. Similar to western astrology, the characteristics of the animal that dominates a particular year will decide a person from that birth-year.
Hanging Charms - Chinese knots above our front desk
the Chinese character "FU" - "Auspicious"

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