Chinese New Year Dinner Menu, Chinese New Year’s Dinner Recipes

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In China, younger generations seldom cook at home. Old people still stick to the tradition of home cooking. Cooking and eating at home generate more family affection. But, speaking of the abundant Chinese New Year dinner, many old people have to give up due to the tedious work needed to be done to plan a family reunion dinner.
Many families choose to have the Chinese new year’ dinners at restaurants instead of making the dinners at home. For dining out during the new year eve, very often people have to reserve the tables one year in advance. When finishing this year’s new year eve dinner, then book the next year’s one immediately.
Like other stubborn old people, my father hates eating out. He prefers to have the Chinese new year eve’s dinner at home. He also likes cooking and very good at it. In the past week, my father in law has been busy preparing for the new year eve dinner. Every time I ask him whether he is tired, he would say he is not tired because it is a family reunion diner and he feels happy about it.
At 5:00pm, we start to have the important Chinese new year dinner. There are over 10 courses on our new year eve dinner menue. If you are interested in our Chinese New Year’s Dinner recipes, please check below the pictures and I would introduce to you the menu one by one:

My father in law has made all the new year food. Now he is deep frying the spring rolls.

A table of new year eve' dinner for four of us.

Spiced eggs are always my favorites

Fried Spring Rolls are also musts on our new year menu

Fried salted shrimps


Fried Mandarin fish

Stewed Spring Chicken

Salted pig bags and spiced pig tongues

Pork cooked in sauce with bamboo roots

Sea cucumber with mushroom and hot pepper

Banmboo roots and saltes shrimps with salted vegetable

Snow pea with black fungus

Lunar New Year Rice Cake

White fungus and dates

Ice pudding (steamed glutinous rice with bean paste, lotus seeds, preserved fruits...

Last, but most important Jiaozi just coming from the pot.

All the new year food coming from this simple and clean kitchen


All the new year food coming from this simple and clean kitchen

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