Gaolianghe Painted Ceramic and Porcelain Factory

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Thinking of Beijing shoping? “China Red” is a high-end gift with Chinese traditional culture. “China Red” chinawares are mainly  made by Gaolianghe Painted Ceramic and Porcelain Factory,  named after the village known as Gaolianghe ( Gao Liang He) where Galianghe Factory is located. Gaolianghe Village is under the jurisdiction of of Miaocheng Town of Huairou District in the north of Beijing.

The entrance to Gaolianghe Factory

Huaihe River, the mother river of Miaocheng Town, runs through Gao Liang He Village. A green and beautiful river park has been built along Huaihe River. The Gaolianghe Village’s beautiful environment has attracted several big enterprises to settle down here, adding great development for the local economy.

Painting a China vase ( painted in red)

Gao Liang He Painted Chinaware Factory is one of the successful enterprises in Gaolianghe Village. The factory is located to the south of Huaihe River with quite and green environment.

China Red Exhibition Hall

In 2004, the factory introduced “China Red” porcelain techniques from Changsha Bright Red Porcelain Co.,LTD. and at the same time became the production base for making of China Red Porcelain.

A beautiful tea set

In the past few years, Gaolianghe Painted Ceramic and Porcelain Factory has tackled the difficultities pertaining porcelain material, painting and weather.

Looking for a bowl or plates

Now they have successfully made a group of bright China red porcelains, suitable for the weather in the northern China – Beijing.

Wearing a Chinese qipao in porcelain

Gaolianghe Painted Ceramic and Porcelain Factory makes more than China red porcelains, it also produces all kinds of art ceramics and porcelains.

“China Red” has become an outstanding brand of China in the aspects of adhering to China’ traditional culture and sprites. The factory is targeted at upscale market.

Add: 861 Gaolianghe Village, Miaocheng Towm, Huairou District, Beijing
Tel: 89609489, 13910621850
The entrance to Gaolianghe Factory

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5 Responses to “Gaolianghe Painted Ceramic and Porcelain Factory”

  1. admin says:

    Hello Laurentia Wijaya,

    The factory Gao Liang He is located in Huairou District of Beijing, about 80km northeast of Beijing city proper. You may take bus 917 from Dongzhimen Tranpsortation Hub.

    Please try to have someone who can speak Chinese to contact the factory.

  2. M.Logan says:

    Do you know where I can purchase china red porcelain in Beijing? I will be staying at Hilton Wangjufing.

  3. Daniel says:

    Hello M.Logan,

    You just walk to the nearby pedestrian street – Wangfujing Street. At its southern end ( No.200 Wangfujing Street ), you can find a mansion called “Artistic Mansion” and “工美大厦” in Chinese, also known as “Gongmei Building or Gongmei Mansion” where you may try your luck to find china red porcelain. For more information on the store, please check the link below:

  4. Maria Ibarra says:

    Please I need the website, email or telephone number of Gaolianghe Painted Ceramic and Porcelain Factory in Huairou, to contact somebody to buy online.

    I visited and bought ceramics when I lived in China some years ago, and now I would like to buy some products.

  5. Daniel says:

    Dear Maria Ibarra,

    Sorry, we cannot find the official website and email relative to the factory. As for the phone number, you may try the following numbers ( not confirmed, just from the internet):

    0086 13910621850 (mobile)
    0086 10 89609489 ( Office)

    Good luck!

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