Kunming’s Dianchi Lake Offers Tranquility and Calm

China’s spectacular destinations are one of the main reasons why so many students and travelers flock to the country every year. Be it for Chinatour or studying abroad, the country has one of the highest number of international students and tourists who visit it. The diversity of culture, rich history and stunning landscapes combined together offer a travel experience that is unlike any other.

Dianchi Lake: Location and History

Kunming, the provincial capital of YunnanProvinceis the eternal ‘SpringCity’ of Chinaand is a favorite mostly owing of its excellent year-round weather. Added to it are the local travel delights that make the city an all-around place to visit. The city is a popular hub for Chinese language programs and gives students the opportunity to travel to several destinations within the city.

Among the many interesting landmarks, one that stands out is the pristineDianchiLake. It has earned the beautiful nickname of ‘Sparkling Pearl Embedded in aHighland’. It isChina’s sixth largest fresh water lake and has been consistently known for its popularity as an amazing place for sightseeing, entertainment and leisure.

It’s proximity to various other important places nearby gives it the perfect vantage point. Just around the lake are located the Grand View Park, National Sports Training Base, Yunnan Ethnic Village, Western Mountains Forest Park and several more. Acting as the central focal point of the Kunming Scenic Region, the lake was also regarded as Kunming Dianchi Lake National Resort Region, one of the twelve National Resort Regions.

The lake is located at the foot of theWeishanMountainswhich are also otherwise known as the ‘Plateau Pearl’, around 3 miles away from downtownKunming. The lake is fenced on all four sides; the Jinma Hill lies in the east, the Biji Hill in the west, the Heshan Hill in the south and Snake Hill in the north.

The area adjoining the lake shore is rich due to the favorable climatic conditions as well as several rivers required for irrigation. According to legend, the lake was named after one of the most prominent ethnic groups during the First Century known as ‘Dian’. They were responsible for the establishment of the ancientDianKingdomback during the Han Dynasty.

Due to its calmness and serenity, people prefer to come here throughout the day, mostly for recreation and unwinding. The crystal clear water and the rippling waves look like a picture out of a postcard. Every year, from November till March, huge fleets of sea gulls migrate to this lake fromSiberiain order to escape the harsh winter. The area’s warm weather attracts the birds and the view is often a sight to behold.

A circular railway has been built around Dianchi Lake


The railway around Dianchi Lake


A panoramic view of Dianchi Lake.


A panoramic view of Dianchi Lake


The lake is fenced on all four sides

From November till March, huge fleets of sea gulls migrate to this lake from Siberia in order to escape the harsh winter.

huge fleets of sea gulls

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