Beijing Drive-in theater

Plan your Beijing tour? If you are a drive-in fan, Beijing will not let you down. A drive-in theater is an outdoor cinema with a large movie screen and a large parking lot for automobiles.

People are able to watch movies from their cars with privacy and comfort. The first drive-in was created by Richard M. Hollingshead, Jr. in the United Stated. He opened the first drive-in theater in his backyard in New Jersey June 6, 1933. The drive-in quickly spread to the world and gained much popularity.

In Beijing there are two main drive-ins: Maple Drive-in Theater and Cowboy Drive-in Theater.

1. Maple Drive-in Theater (北京枫花园汽车电影院):

Add: 21 Liangmaqiao, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Booking hotline: 010-6432-9884 
Fax: 64319993
Opening time: open every day from 7:30 pm in Summer; 6:30pm in Winter. 
Admission:   CNY 100 (Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu); CNY150 (Fri, Sat and Sun)  per each vehicle. 
How to drive there: 1500m east of Yanshaqiao on the third ring road
Maple Drive-in Theater
2. Cowboy Drive-in Theater (牛仔汽车电影院)
Add: 2000m south of Carrefour., Tongzhou District. Beijing
Booking Hotline: 010-6153-9193 
Fax: 6153 9193
Opening time: 0pen at 7:30 pm in summer; 6:30pm in Winter
Admission: CNY100 (Wed, Thu and Sun) : CNY120 ( Fri and Sat ) per vehicle. 


Cowboy Drive-in Theater

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