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Plan your Beijing tour? You are highly recommended to have a bite of Da Dong Roast Duck. Dadong Roast Duck refers to the famous brand roast duck made by the upscale Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant which has two branches – Dadong Roast Duck Nanxincang (南新仓)and Dadong Roast Duck Tuanjiehu (团结湖).

Da Dong Roast Duck Nanxincang is located in the Nan Xin Cang Cultural and Pedestrian Street ( add: No.22A Dongsi Shitiao, Dongcheng District, Beijing). Nanxincang Street is one of the Beijing characteristic commercial streets. Nan Xin Cang was once one of the royal granaries for grains and rice storage in Beijing during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

It was originally built in 1409 with a history of over 600 years, almost the same age as Beijing’s Forbidden City. It has been developed into a leisure and commercial pedestrian street or complex, which is mainly composed of the ancient grain house, a few replica traditional buildings used for restaurants and a 15-storey commercial building – Nanxincang International Building. Nanxingcang is a innovative blend between commercial groups and multi-cultures of Beijing.

Dadong Roast Duck Nanxincang occupies an area of 3000 square meters taking up the first and second floors of the 15-storey Nanxincang International Building. It has 30 private compartments sized to accommodate 4-5 people, 7-8 people, 10-12 people, 16-18 people, 20 people, 30 people and 50 people as well as the some space set for individual dinners on the first floor. The decor of Dadong Roast Duck Nanxincang is delicately designed with mixed Chinese traditional and contemporary style. The setting is clean, bright, classical and trendy.

Da Dong Roast Duck stands out from numerous roast duck restaurants. Why Da Dong Roast Duck? What differentiates Dadong Roast Duck from both Quanjude Roast Duck and Bianyifang Roas Duck? The Dadong Roast Duck features “crisp in skin and less in fat and oil”, aimed at healthy and scientific eating of roast ducks, meeting the demand of modern dinners.

Dadong, or Da Dong has become a brand in restaurant business in Beijing. Its restaurant is named “Da Dong” and subtitled ” Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant”. Now Da Dong produces not only just roast ducks, but also many creative recipes combining traditional Shandong cuisine and modern recipes. Of course, roast ducks are still Da Dong’s main course.

The entrance to Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant

The entrance to Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant Nanxincang

Dadong Roast Duck Nanxincang
Booking hotline: 010-51690328, 010-51690329
Business hours: 10:00 – 22:00
Add: No.22A Dongsi Shitiao, Dongcheng District ( close to the new Poly Plaza)
Price: CNY 200 – 500 per person

Pre-booking is necessary.

Da Dong has many original and innovative recipes and change very season. It has the well known four season recipes – Sping Song, Summer Dream, Autumn Rhyme and Winter Fun.

Below is the menu for Summer Dream, which, I had a chance to taste this evening at Dadong Roast Duck Nanxincang for a get-together.

Summer Dream Menu
We are starting our dinner in a cozy compartment.

We are starting our dinner in a cozy compartment.
Scallop with Mango
Scallop with Mango
Stewed Pork Knuckle with Mung Beans
Stewed Pork Knuckle with Mung Beans
Stewed Marinated Duck Wings and Webs
Stewed Marinated Duck Wings and Webs
Crisp Mushroom in Tomato
Crisp Mushroom in Tomato
Arugula Salad with Parmesan Cheese
Arugula Salad with Parmesan Cheese
Traditional Beijing Snacks
Traditional Beijing Snacks
Boston Lobster Noodle with Traditional Beijing Bean Paste
Boston Lobster Noodle with Traditional Beijing Bean Paste
Lobster Soup “Cross Bridge” Leopard Coral Grouper
Lobster Soup – Cross Bridge – Leopard Coral Grouper
Beef with Green Lemon and Sea Salt
Beef with Green Lemon and Sea Salt
Chef Li’s Baked Pigeon with Lemongrass
Chef Li’s Baked Pigeon with Lemongrass
Pan-fried Matsutake with Lolita Pea. Sauteed Bean Sprout
Sauteed Bean Sprout
Da Dong “Superlean” Roast Duck
Da Dong Superlean Roast Duck
Teach us how to eat roast duck
Teach us how to eat roast duck
Crisp and less fat roast duck slices
Crisp and less fat roast duck slices

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  1. What would be the estimated cost of a Whole Peking duck plus 4 or 5 dishes (4 people)

  2. we found the private parts of a duck on my plate when we were eating. our drinks also had hair in it. I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant for anyone.

  3. What are the menu prices for this restaurant? Where can I find a menu that is in English and laid out with all of the foods and prices?

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