Skating at Summer Palace (Tips, Photos & Map)

Plan your Beijing winter tour? Skating is one of Beijing’s traditional pastimes in winter.  There are a few lake-turned skate rinks with a total skating area of 1000,000 square meters in Beijing. 

Summer Palace is  a big draw for first time visitors to Beijing. The Kunming Lake Skate Rink in Summer Palace is the largest in Beijing totalling 700,000 square meters.

The Kunming Lake Skating Rink in winter (Google Map)

A bit scared of skating on the iced lake surface? Actually, you don’t have to strap on your skates as a trained skater to skate on the frozen surface in Summer Palace or any other skate rinks in Beijing. Just wear your comfortable sports shoes and sit on a chair-sled or bike sled, or just ride an ice bike to skate.

Of course,  if you are good at skating with skates, the skating rink in Summer Palace is definitely your ideal place to entertain and exercise yourself.

The winter skating starts normally from early January and ends at early February, a month long skating period. The actual skating time largely depends on the temperature and the weather of that period.

Beijing Summer Palace Skate Rink

Entrance Fee: 50 yuan p/p
Opening Hour: 08:30 am – 4:30 pm

There are six entrances to the skate rink scattered in the four directions of Summer Palace – East, South, West and North, very easy for people to choose a convenient entrance point. 30 security guides patrol around the rink to maintain the safety of holiday-makers.

They also have emergency aid kits which include stop bleeding sticks,  medical bandages and other simple emergency drugs.

A wooden corridor floating on the iced lake surface easy for people to reach the ice skating surface.
Ice stool Skating
Back to the starting point of the skating service center.
The skating center below the Longevity Hill
The Kunming Lake Skating under the sunset.
Father and daughter
Couple Chair Skating
Ice Biking
Skating under the nsunset.
Dog sledging.

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