A Good Place to See Beijing’s Changing Skyline

If you are interested in Beijing’s changing skyline or its amazing cityscape on your Beijing tour, you shouldn’t  miss the opportunity to have a glimpse of or take pictures of Rem Koolhass’s CCTV Headquarters ( China Central Television Headquarters) and its new neighbour – China Zun (now finished ), the 118-storey, 528 m building which is the tallest in Beijing.

Both the CCTV building and China Zun are visible from most of Beijing. The CCTV Headquarter is designed by OMA as a weird reinvention of the skyscraper as a loop instead of a typical skyscraper’s demand for height.

Designed by architecture firm Farrells, China Zun is still under construction and after completion it will  surpass the height of the China World Trade Center Tower III by 190 metres and become Beijing’s tallest building.

China Zun literally means “ancient China wine vessel”, which ignites the imagination for the building design.

There are quite some good places in Beijing to view the CCTV Headquarters and China Zun in different angles at a closer distance. But Blue Frog ( Gumao ), a popular restaurant chain with American style food, is an ideal place to see the CCTV Headquarters and China Zun.

Blue Frog ( Gumao ) is on the 6th floor of the North Section China World Mall, Beijing. The restaurant has an open terrace where customers can dine and drink while viewing the magnificent CCTV building and its new tallest neighbor – China Zun at a closer distance with a good angle.

Blue Frog (Guomao)
NL6005 6/F, North Section China World Mall, No.1 Jianguomen Wai Street, Beijing
+86 10 8535 1186
Business Hours: 10:00-23:00 ( Mon – Sun ).

Come to Blue Frog for brunch or dinner if you are intrigued by the bright CCTV Building, China Zun and neon-lit CBD ( Central Business District ). They have many food and drinks choices on the menu – burgers, beer, wine and  their steaks and salads are also very good.

Try to get there early for a table on the open terrace where you can look out  at the CCTV Building and China Zun across the third ring road.

Blue Frog (Guomao) with a view of the CCTV Building and China Zun
Drinking on the terrace while looking out at the two landmarks in Beijing
The CCTV Building and China Zun – the Tallest Building in Beijing
Beijing’s new Skyline
The CBD (Central Business District)
Look out at the CBD ( Central Business District ) from the Terrace.
Sunset Glow over the CCTV Building
The Lit-up CCTV Building
The Lit-up CBD
The Night View of the CCTV Headquarter
They have many food and drinks choices on the menu – burgers, beer, wine,steaks, salads and more.

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