Huangshan Travel – My Second Day on Mount Huangshan (2)

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After a simple Chinese lunch at Cloud Disppelling Hotel, we started our 3km hike up to the Bright Summit (光明顶), the second highest peak in Hangshan, 1860 meters in altitude and our hotel – Baiyun Hotel tonight was just below the most famous peak in Huangshan.

Later this 3km walk turned out to be the most difficult in our two day trip in Huangshan. It took us over three hours walkng from Cloud Dispelling Hotel to Beiyun Hotel by climbing over the Bright Summit.

Most of the three hours found us clambering up and up, and some of the sections were very steep and treacherous. We were out of breath and pooped.

Very often we had to stop for a short break and then continued to hike. It was worth having the 3-hour hike, which was an eye-opener, offering us more chances to appreciate the natural wonders in Huangshan – Oddly-shaped Pines, Bizarre Rocks and The sea of Clouds.

Some sections of the mountain road to Bright Summit were steep and treacherous


A short break for a new hike

Clamber up

Oddly-shaped Pines and Bizarre Rocks


Picturesque Pines and Quirky Rocks

Pine Trees rooted in the rocks

Similar to umbrelalla

Unique Pines and Weird Rocks

Flying-over Rock

Sea of Clouds

Ying and Yang of Sea Clouds

Sea of Clouds

Bright Summit ( 1860m in Altitude )


Bright Top

I made it at Bright Summit

At 5:00pm, we checked in at Baiyun Hotel

Baiyun Hotel, a 4 star hotel in Huangshan below Bright Summit

Comfy King-sized bed

Modern and traditional

Washing Room

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