Huangshan Travel – My 3th Day on Mount Huangshan

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Today, October 11, 2010 is a heavy foggy and drizzle day on the top of Mount Huangshan. We start at 8:0am from Baiyun Hotel for White Gooose Cable Car Station and descend the Mount Huangshan.

People slowly walk on the stone stair steps up and down. In the past two days, these stone steps has allowed us to have extensive views of the oddly-shaped pine trees, Weird Rocks, Sea of Clouds…

So, the stone steps has offered us the ability to hike the steep mountains and look for outstanding scenery and a rugged mountain walking adventure, combining hiking experience with a real physical challenge.

We are not disappointed by the foggy day, since in the past two fine days we have visited the major attractions on the top of Mt. Huangshan under the cear sky.

On the contrary, we are all delighted to see Mt.Huangshan in heavy fog as if we are melting in the imaginary heaven with low visibility. It is a unique experience hiking on the Huangshan Mountain in a heavy fog.

2km Walk from Beiyun Hotel to Yungu New Cable Car Station

We are now starting the foggy walking up and down to the Yungun New Cable car Station.

The porter is following us carrying 4 suitcases. A suitcase is charged at the cost of RMB 100 carrying from Beiyun Hotel to New Yungu Cable Car Station.

We have to climb over the Bright Summit again.

On the way, we meet lot of hikers in defiance of the foggy and drizzle day.

The pine trees in the fog.

Similar to a Chinese painting.

Take Cable Car Down the base of Huangshan


At 10:00am, we take the cable car down to the base of Huangshan in the fog.

A cable car in the mist

Driving from the base of Huangshan to Tangkou Town

Low visibility driving from the base to Tangkou Town

We arrive at Tangkou Town, finding that there is no fog with good visibility.

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