Huangshan Expressway – How to drive from Huangshan City Center to Huangshan Scenic Area

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Huangshan  Expressway is part of the expressway of the officially-called “Hefei-Tongling-Huangshan Expressway”, providing access from the city center of Huangshan to Huangshan Scenid Area in one hour. In fact, Hefei-Tongling-Huangshan Expressway is also just one section of Jingtai Exoressway ( Beijing – Taiwan Expressway ).
The 2007 completed-Huangshan Exoressway has greatly shortened the drive hour from Huangshan city to the base of Huangshan Mountain. So the one hour drive often makes it
unnecessary to stay at the hotels in Huangshan Scenic Area, which doesn’t offer any nightlife when night falls.
Huangshan  Expressway is a two-way and two-lane (with one extra emergency lane) expressway. Driving from the city of Huangshan to Huangshan Scenic Area, first you get off the expressway from the exit No. 299 at Tangkou Township (汤口镇). Then continue to drive for 15 minutes along the zigzag mountain road before you get to the east gate of Huangshan  Mountain.

n the expressway from the city of Huangshan to Huangshan Scenic Area

ou will see lots of Hui-style buildings in the villages along the Huangshan Expressway

Get off from the Expressway NO.299 at Toang Kou

From Tangkou, it takes around 15 minutes' drive along the zigzag mountain road before you get the Huangshan base

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