Bolitai Great Wall,

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The Ming Great Wall at Bolitai Village
Bolitai Village is nestled in a flat valley surrounded by the high mountains and dense forest with a zigzag mountain highway passing from north to south, linking the village to the outside world. It is a beautiful village, like a paradise on earth. There are 230 people living in Bolitai.

Like Diao Wo Village, developing rural tourism by mainly offering housing and eating service, Bolitai Village has become very rich, a weekend hideaway for a new middle class in Beijing that now has cars and thus the means to roam on.


Bolitai Village is nestled in a flat valley

Zooming in, we can see the rows of new two-storey buildings lying silently on the slope with the Ming Great Wall looming above.

Zooming in, we can see the rows of new two-storey buildings

The bits of the Wall in Bolitai Village, or we call it “Bolitai Great Wall” is quite different from Badaling Great Wall and Mutianyu Great Wall. The Great Wall here is made of rocks and stones, not bricks made in kilns.

Only one section of the wall in Village has been cleared and cleaned, bushes and saplings removed from the wall for easy walking. The cleaned wall here takes you about 2 hours’ walking.  It is an interesting part of Great Wall tour  in Beijing.

he Great Wall here is made of rocks and stones, not bricks made in kilns

The cleaned wall here takes you about 2 hours’ walking.

Bolitai Great Wall

Again Diaowo Village
Returning from Bolitai Village, we again drive past Diaowo Village. We stop again and have a look at the famous scenic spot – Shilin Gorge (Stone Forest Gorge). Stone Forest Gorge covers an area of 12 square kilometers, the scenic area has many steep peaks standing upright.

The entrance to the Stone Forest ( Shili Gorge)

Besides the splendid view of stone forest, it has a splendid waterfall with a total fall of more than 80 meters. The steep cliff, huge stone, clear pond and lush green trees have also attracted many visitors. 

Have a second look at Diaowo Village.


The major Attractions in Pinggu, Beijing
Diaowo Village is an interesting place to explore the suburban life in Beijing, having a bite of the local village food, drinking, barbecuing, fishing and more. The village is located about 35km to the southwest of the Peach Orchard in Pinggu.

More major attractions in Pinggu:

1) Flying Dragon Valley
2) Bolitai Great Wall
3) Jinhai Lake 2222
4) Pinggu Glass Sightseeing Platform
5) Jingdong Karst Cave
6) Huangsongyu Reservior
7) Diaowo Village

Hassle-Free Private Tour to Visit the Glass Sightseeing Platform
If you don’t want go the daunting do-it-yourself-route and prefer an organized hassle-free private tour to visit the glass sightseeing platform, no worry and we have the following options:

Beijing Family Visit Springtime Day Tour
Beijing Family Visit Summer Day Tour
Beijing Family Visit Autumn Day Tour

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