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Plan your Luoyang Tour? Visiting Luoyang Museum is highly recommended. The location of Luoyang Museum has changed three times, originally built inside Guanlin Temple in 1958, and in 1970s moved to the city center of Luoyang and now located south of Luohe River in the southern Luoyang.

The new Luoyang Museum was open to the public on April 1, 2011. Hope this museum guide will assist you making your short trip to Luoyang Museum.

You may take bus no 15, 37 or 62 to Luoyang Museum, or you may take a taxi. The museum lies just south of Luohe River which spans the city of Luoyang from east to west.

The area surrounding the museum is quite clean and green. You don’t find anything commercial except a few mobile food stalls, selling bottled water, boiled corns, baked eggs and potatoes.

Add: Nietai Road, New District, Luoyang
Enquiry Phone: 0378 – 65791173

You don’t find anything commercial except a few mobile snack stalls

You don’t find much commercial except a few mobile snack stalls.

The museum building covers a construction area of 6,2000 square meters with 230m long, 140m wide. Its outlook resembles to a huge bronze vessel standing on the ground, implying the historical Accumulation of Chinese civilization.

Its outlook resembles to a huge bronze vessel

Luoyang Museum is free of charge. But you still need a ticket to enter the museum. So how? Go to a ticket office on the right side of the museum. Just ask for a ticket which is only available for a particular day.

After taking your ticket, go back to the entrance at the middle of the building. Please remember the opening dates are from Tuesday to Sunday with Monday closed. Its opening time is from 9:00 to 17:00 and ticket selling stops at 16:30.

The main entrance to Luoyang Museum

The main entrance to Luoyang Museum

The first floor is dedicated to the basic exhibition depicting the Heluo Civilization (Luoyang’s history and culture). The second floor is mainly designed for 7 exhibition rooms for 7 themed exhibitions – Exhibition of Calligraphy and Painting, Exhibition of Ancient Treasure of Luoyang, Exhibition of pottery figurines of Han and Tang dynasties, Exhibition of tri-colored earthen wares of Tang Dynasty, Exhibition of Qing Imperial cultural relics and Exhibition of ancient fresco Art.

One Basic Exhibition (first floor) and 7 themed Exhibitions (second floor)

One Basic Exhibition (first floor) and 7 themed Exhibitions (second floor)

The spacious lobby of Luoyang Museum

The spacious lobby of Luoyang Museum

The first floor for Heluo Civilization (Luoyang’s history) is a must for fist time visitors. If you have enough time visiting Luoyang Museum, you are encouraged to go to the second floor to visit other 7 themed exhibitions afer your have visited the first floor dedicated to the splendid history,  the important history in China.

The first and basic exhibition on the first is classified into several rooms telling the different stages of the Luoyang’s history from Pre-historical period to modern Luoyang today.

The city of Luoyang went through thirteen dynasties with 105 emperors starting Xia Dynasty (2070BC-1600BC), Shang Dynasty (1600BC-1046BC), Eastern Zhou Dynasty(770BC-256BC), Beiwei Dynasty (493AD-534AD), Sui Dynasty (605AD-619AD) and more with a history of over 4,000 years!

Below are some snaps I took on my recent tour of Luoyang Museum:

Palaeolithic (300,000BC – 10,000BC)

Palaeolithic 1

Xia Dynasty 2

Shang Dynasty (1600BC-1046BC)

Shang Dynasty 1

Shang Dynasty 2

Zhou Dynasty (1046BC-249BC)

Zhou Dynasty 1
Zhou Dynasty 2
Zhou Dynasty 3

Wei and Jin Dynasties (265AD-420AD)

Wei and Jin Dynasties 1

Sui And Tang Dynasties 2

Northern Song Dynasty (960AD-117AD)

Northern Song Dynasty 1Northern Song Dynasty 2

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  1. I’m very interested in visiting Luoyang. I’m fascinated by the Asian culture and history. I know that Luoyang, since it’s inception has weathered a lot of historical events. I’m very interested in visiting Mt Mang and have been trying to locate it on a map, but so far, no luck. Can you please advise me where I might locate Mt Mang on a map, please?

  2. Hi Dianna,

    Mt.Mang ( where the imperial tomb burial sites are located ) is in the north of Luoyang City and south of Yelllow River.Actually it is about 100 km long.

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