Best Time to Visit Guilin (Tips, Photos & Map)

There is an ancient Chinese saying “East or west, Guilin scenery is the best”. Guilin, China’s most picturesque city, has been a hot destination for travellers and an upbeat inspiration for poets and artists for thousands of years.

When planning your Guilin tour, one of the frequently asked questions likely to tantalize you is “When is the best time to visit Guilin?”

Best Time: April – October

Normally, April to October is the best time to visit Guilin due to the charming scenery and comfortable weather during that time.

But the fact is that so-called “Best Time” all depends on your budget, tolerance for large crowds, your personal taste and, the time available for you. Check out below to have some information on each season planning your Guilin trip.

Guilin in Spring (March – May)

Spring in Guilin is warm with some rain. It is a sea of flowers. On rainy days, the rivers, pinnacles and the city itself can be shrouded in mist, which is especially charming.|

But do remember to avoid the period from 1st May to 3rd May when is the national holiday because Guilin is still a major destination of domestic and international tourists.

Guilin in Summer (June – August)

Summer in Guilin is hot and humid, but the beauty to be found outdoors is quite adequate compensation. July is the hottest in summer.

Guilin is a place surrounded by limpid rivers and lakes. There are a lot of exiting things to do in Guilin during summer and most of them are associated with water.

Summer is good time for boating, bamboo rafting and drifting in the picturesque Li River and its tributaries. What’s more, visiting the unique stalagmite water caves in Guilin is another must-do in summer.

Guilin in Autumn (September to November)

Autumn in Guilin is beautiful. The Guilin climate in autumn is most comfortable for travelling. So there are always many people there in fall.

Mountains are blanketed by colors, forming a timeless beauty. There are many night activities in Guilin in fall: night shows.

Guilin in Winter (December to February Next Year)

Winter is relatively a low season for tourism in Guilin. But it is still very beautiful in this season. The vegetation is green. It is a little cold and moist and snows occasionally in winter. Li River is unfrozen even in winter. In winter, hot spring is a must-go place when you arrive Guilin.

You can relax yourself in the hot springs while enjoy the beautiful scenery in winter. What’s more, it will cost you less in winter than other seasons to visit Guilin in winter.

To sum up, you’d better try to avoid the two golden weeks – Labour Day ( May 1-3); National Day (Oct 1-7) when all the people in China seem to move around. During these times you can expect difficulties with hotel reservations, traffic prices, ticket booking, etc.

Tip:  Hassle-free Guilin Guided Tours

If you don’t want to do a self-guided tour and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for organized tours to Guilin:

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  1. I would be visiting Guilin from Malaysia for about (9) days is it possible for me to vixit Hong Kong and Macau during my visit there

  2. I have planned to visit Guilin in autumn this year. But it is hard for me to know the best time to see autumn foliage. As I know, autumn in Guilin will come a bit later than other places in China. Anyone can advise me?

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