Nine Bend River Rafting Wuyi Mountains

Plan your Fujian Tour? Riding a bamboo raft down the Nine Bend-stream in Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province is the highlight for your trip to Wuyi Mountains. The Nine-bend River Pier is located Xincun Village, about 8km from Wuyi Mounatains Resort. You either can take a public bus N0.06 or use the shuttle buses inside Mount Wuyi Scenic Area.

The Nine-bend Stream rafting is on the same sightseeing travel route with Tianyou Peak hiking. You may first visit Tianyou Mountains in the morning, the take the bamboo rafting or vice versa.

The 9.5km long Nine-bend River rafting takes about 1.5 – 2 hours, with its flowing water winding along the mountains for 9 twists, hence the name of Nine-bend River Stream. The two banks of the Nine-bend River are teemed with high peaks, unique rocks and dense forest trees. The river embraces the each bends of the Nine-bend Stream, creating a beautiful Chinese mountain and river landscape painting.

You will take the bamboo craft down the river from the ninth bend to the last bend. The raft ride is smooth with occasional bumpy currents. In the course of the bamboo rafting, raise your head to view cliffs, dramatic peaks; lower your head to see the transparent and shallow stream, use your ears to hear the stream flowing sound.

The raft tours end is Wuyi Palace. A formerly a temple built to offer sacrifices to Lord Wuyi, now it has a 300 meters long Song Dynasty Street. Wuyi Palace also which now houses the administration office in charge of affairs associated with the mountains.

The Nine-bend River Pier has two wharfs – Wharf One and Wharf Three. Normally you will be arranged at Wharf One.


Local villagers are selling sun hats and fish baits. There are lots of fresh water fish in the river, fish baits add much fun to your rafting.



This is Wharf No. One of Xincun Nine-bend River Pier. Each raft is requested to hold 6 passengers with two drivers at front and back. If you travel individually, you have to wait for other individual travelers for a total number of 6 people, so you can start your bamboo rafting on a party of 6 people sitting on bamboo chairs fixed the raft.


This is Wharf No. One of Xincun Nine-bend River Pier


Some pictures taken from my first rafting on the Nine-bend River in Wuyi Mountains


Raft 1


Raft 2
Raft 3
Raft 6
Raft 7
Raft 8
Raft 9
Raft 10
Raft 11
Raft 12
Raft 13
Raft 14


06611Tip:  Hassle-free Wuyishan Guided Tours
If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for guided tours to Wuyishan:

Wuyi Mountain 3 Days Tour      from US$265

Mount Wuyi 4 day Tour     from US$320


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  1. I want to know the fashion shops at the ending part of the rafting cruise. Selling some modern cheongsam wear. After getting out from the rafting, can see 2 rows shop tourist sourvenier. Appreciate if can have it. Tks

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