Wuyishan National Tourist Holiday Resort

Plan your Wuyishan tour? You are advised to stay in Wuyishan National Tourist Holiday Resort, which was one of the 12 national level tourist holiday resorts built in 1992 under the authorization of China National Tourism Administration. The national resort has a total planning area of 12,000 km², only a stream away from the famous Wuyishan Scenic Area.

Wuyishan Holiday Resort is only 7km south of Wuyishan Airport, 11km south of Wuyishan Railway Station and 16km south of Wuyishan City with convenient transportation.

Aimed at developing international leisure travel, Wuyishan National Holiday Resort is sectioned into several parts including Tourism Reception Area, Leisure Travel Area, Golf Area, comprehensive Entertainment Area.

The national resort has a good investment in infrastructure with reasonable network of water, electricity, CATV, information and roads. There are over 130 inns and hotels with over 10 4-star hotels and a capacity of 13,700 beds.

The Wuyishan National Holiday Resort has been developed from the natural village known as “San Gu Village”. Much of the land in San Gu Village has been used by the local government for developing the national holiday resort. For used land, the villagers get some compensation fees according to the compensation for land policies concerned.

Many San Gu villagers set up stores or restaurants in the old streets to cater for the increasing number of tourists staying in the holiday resort. Some lend their houses to the newcomers who come here for new development and new life in Wuyishan.

Accommodations in Wuyishan Holiday Resort
The resort has a wide spectrum of inns, hostels and hotels to suit every mood, style and budget. Highly recommend the two hotels below:


Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort


 1. Wuyi Mountain Yeohwa Resort
   Tel:  0599-5238999
Wuyi Mountain Villa
 2. Wuyi Mountain Villa
   Tel: 0599-5251888
Dining and Shopping at the old streets of San Gu Village
Beside eating and shopping in your lodging hotels or in the main streets in Wuyishan Holiday Resort, you may walk to the San Gu Village, a reserved old area in the resort where you will still find the traditional way of food cooking which is dying out in big cities.

A vegetable and food market in the San Gu Village in the resort.

A vegetable and food market in the San Gu Village in the resort.

Old Streets teemed with various kinds of restaurant.
Old Streets teemed with various kinds of restaurants.
A place for local food.
A place for local food.
Two bowls of rice noodle
Two bowls of rice noodle
Transportation at Wuyishan Holiday Resort
The holiday resort is not very big. You are advised not to use those pesky trishaw drivers if possible. An honest trishaw driver would charge RMB 5 for anywhere within the resort. Taxis are available at the hotels and in the main streets in the resort.he Bus No.06 runs between the resort and Wuyishan City as well as Wuiyishan Train Stationa and Wuyishan Airport.

Shuttle buses running in Wuyishan Holiday Resort.

Taking a trishaw ride 
Taking a trishaw ride

Walk from the resort to Wuyishan Scenic Area
Once in the resort, if you going to visit Wuyishan Scenic Area, you don’t have to bother going to either North Gate or South Gate for buying entrance tickets.

You just walking cross the Lan Tang Bridge over Chongyang Stream, then continue to walk another 20 or 30 minutes and get to Wuyi Palace where many shuttle buses waiting for people on board for the attractions in Wuyishan Scenic Area. You are supposed to buy the entrance and bus tickets at the service house near Wuyi Palace.

The Nightlife in Wuyishan Holiday Resort
“Impression Dahongpao” is a must to see outdoor musical show co-directed by Zhang Yimou, Wang Chaoge and Fan Yue.

The evening show is based on natural landscape as both the stage and background. The interesting breakthrough is that the audience seats can move offering a view of 360 degrees. The entrance around RMB 230.


A scene from the show Impression Dahongpao

Tip:  Hassle-free Wuyishan Guided Tours
If you don’t want to go the do-it-yourself route and prefer the hassle-free escorted tours,  here are some options for Wuyishan Guided Tours:

Wuyi Mountain 3 Days Tour from US$265 p/p
Mount Wuyi 4 day Tour from US$320 p/p
Wuyishan Car Rental with Driver from US$ 45

3 thoughts on “Wuyishan National Tourist Holiday Resort

  1. Can I get a local guide when I reach there for 28th and 29th of August. I have only 2 days to view all the locations for Wuyishan.

  2. Hi Tan WC,

    If you need a local guide service, you’d better book your guide service in advance. The English speaking tour guide service is quite limited. Alternatively you can visit Wuyishan with guide service since you can find English signboards in most cases.

  3. We (2 PAX) are considering the 3 day Wuyishan tour
    We arrive in Wuyishan airport at 7:50 PM on Nov. 04, 2018 and leave at 10:30 AM on Nov. 08,
    Can you please quote tour price and itinerary? We would like the C and D hotel. We understand that your 3 day tour has only 2 nights so we can book the other 2 nights ourselves on line directly with the hotel.
    A Mandarin speaking guide is OK. Joining a small group, English or Mandarin, is OK.

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