How to Use the toilets in China

Plan your China tour? Are you thinking of how to use toilets in China? Siting or squatting? That is a question for many travelers. Squatting toilets are still quite popular in China.

Though it may seem uncomfortable and rather too primitive, the squatting position helps you relax your puborectalis muscle and straightens your rectum, reducing the possibility of getting constipated and easily having waste evacuated.

China’s reputation for horrible public bathrooms is quite known. But things are changing to the better now in some big cities like Beijing, Xian Shanghai and etc. The local governments in China are doing a lot to improve the state of the toilet facilities.  Now you’ll often find public toilets rated with stars.

Most hotels and all major airports are equipped with sitting toilets with western facilities. But in some tourist spots or remote areas, toilets are not clean and well maintained, no toilet paper, no soap or tissues to dry your hands.

Some toilets need repairs which are often clogged with rundown toilet plumbing.

Tips for using a toilet in China:

1. Always having toilet paper (pocket tissues) on hand
2. Wet wipes and hand sanitizer

3. Handkerchief for drying hands when towel isn’t available
4. Accept squatting toilets if no way. Many argue it’s actually healthier to squatting than sitting down.
5. If too smelly, you need to squat and cover your nose and bring your own tissue always.
6. If no flush, no door with a bucket of water once a day, just keep an open mind and a sense of humor.
7. Using toilets at upscale restaurants (or MacDonald’s), shopping malls which will have clean washroom.
A 4 Star Rated Toilet Sign issued by Beijing Tourism Administration


4 Star Rated Toilet issued by Beijing Tourism Administration


Very clean public toilet with solar energy, music and video.
Very clean public toilet with solar energy, music and video
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