How to use ATM in China

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Plan your China tour? Generally speaking, China is a very ATM friendly country, espcially in the large cities suchBeijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Macao and the list can be much longer. Most of the local ATMs machines accept Visa and Master. CITIBANK card and HSBC are also very popular in China because Citibank and HSBC have agreement with UnionPay. For other cards, you may check the ATMs you are going to use and see if they have the logos and signs for your credit cards. Then how to use ATMs in China?

ATMs in China

1. It is a good idea to get most of cash you are going to use in China through ATMs by using your credit card or debit cards, and dont’ be bothered with great amount of cash
before your departure carrying from your home country.
2. Don’t forget to inform your credit card company that you’ll be visiting China or oversea so they don’t block your purchases.
3 Scan your your cards (front and back), keep emergency numbers separately in case you lose your credit cards.
4. You should take some home-currency cash with you to exchange at the airport or your hotel upon arrival for taxis or other small expenses, mainly in case that ATMs don’twork or run out of money. Takes one ATM card and possibly a back-up.
5. The major ATMs of the local banks in China include Bank of China, Merchants Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Chind Constructon Bank and China Agriculture Bank. VISA and Mastercard debit cards work in most Bank of China ATMs. For the ATMs of the other major banks, please look for a network symbol on the machine that matches a network symbol on the back of your card. CITIBANK card and HSBC card can work in most ATM in China because Citibank and HSBC have agreement with UnionPay.
6. Most Atms distribute the foreign languages including Chinese(simplified), Chinese(traditional), English, French, Spanish, Portuguese…
7. Most Chinese banks distribute 100 yuan note(You can withdraw 100 yuan minimum.). How to recognize Chinese currency?
8. Most ATM cards issued by major networks can be used in China, transaction fees may be different though, most charge around RMB20 or RMB30 for a one time transaction of RMB2500. If you are using an ATM Debit card, usually the charges are comparable to drawing money in your own country. If you are using a Credit Card, it can be extremely expensive depending on your bank and how long you take to pay back the money.
9. Keep your ATM receipts so you can re-exchange your Chinese currency back for your home currency on your way out.
10. Basically taking cash out of the ATMs in China is very safe.

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4 Responses to “How to use ATM in China”

  1. James says:

    Somebody said a 6 diget PIN is requierd at ATM’S. Mine has only 5 digets?

  2. admin says:

    Hello James,

    Basically a 6 diget password required at the ATMS that is outside your home city. If you only have a 5 diget password, you may try to add “0” behind your 5 diget password, adding up to a 6 diget password. If it still doesn’t work. It is better to change your 5-diget passward into a 6-diget password.

  3. TENILLA says:

    I have a 4 digit pin so how will I be able to withdraw cash from an ATM in China?

  4. Rosie says:

    I used China construction bank in Shanghai took out 1000 yuan…..400 of which I have discovered to be fake. My partner also took cash out straight after me 1500 yuan and he has 600 yuan fake. All 100yuan notes.

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