How to use credit cards in China


If you are planning your China tours, you may ask “Can I use a credit card in China and how to use it?”.  It is a question which often lingers in the minds of travelers who are going to visit China.
Actually credit cards are widely accepted in bars, restautants and large retail outlets in the major cities in China. Most stores, super markets and hotels in the second tier cities will also accept them. But for remote areas and smaller cities, only cash can be used.
Most popular credit cards to be used in China
If you are visiting China, it is advisable to bring Visa or Master cards since they are mostly welcome and popular locally in China though at the present, generally China accepts the credit cards including Master, Visa, American Express, Dinners Club and China’s own cards. Basically 3 – 4 % commision will be charged from your credit cards for each transaction.
Cash your credit card at airports and hotels
Arriving at the airports in China, you may cash your credit cards either at ATMs or bank counters at airports. It is also very convenient to get cash over counters at the branches of Bank of China by using a credit card in your visiting city. Your bank will charge a certain fee for each transaction made on a foreign machine.  
Open a bank account
It is very easy for a foreigner to open a bank account at Bank of China. You may apply for a Great Wall International Credit Card which can be used for resolving credit, spending, cash withidrawl and online transaction.
Credit cards
Paying by a Credit Card via a third party
If you are going to pay for your travel expenses by the travel agencies in China, you are often requested to pay by credit card through a third party. For Online third party credit card payment. You are requested to offer the following information:
1) Name of the card holder
2) Type of the credit card
3) Credit card expiration date
4) Fill the authorization form attached and fax to us the copy or email the scanned copy
If you are not willing to pay by credit card, you may try online payment via PayPal. PayPal is the preferred way to send secure payments on Tour-Beijing Travel Service. You can use Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances to checkout your payment easy and fast. Detailed information on how to use Paypal.

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  1. I do not have a credit card, but I do have a Visa debit card. Will that be acceptable for payment where credit cards are used?

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