How to enjoy nightlife in Lanzhou

So you are in Lanzhou! Or maybe you are thinking of making a business or leisure travel to Lanzhou. One thing may linger in your mind: does Lanzhou have nightlife considering a city in northeast China perched on the loess plateau. The answer is yes! In addition, the nightlife of Lanzhou will surely surpass your expectation.

Having a night stroll on Zhongshan Bridge or along the southern bank of Yellow River
The night view of Lanzhou is very brilliant, especially in the area along the banks of Yellow River cutting through the city of Lanzhou. When nightfall starts, just take a cab or walk to the banks of the Yellow River. The lit banks of the Yellow is dubbed as”Manhattan” in the city of New York of USA.

Night View of Zhongshan Bridge

Zhengning Road Night Snack Market

Zhengning Road Night Food Street is located in the center of Lanzhou city, actually a side lane of Zhengning Road. Zhengning Lu Night Snack Market ( 正宁路小吃夜市) is a narrow lane running from east to west adjoining Zhengning Road and Jinchang Road in Lanzhou.
Zhengning Road Night Snack Market
If you are interested in killing your night time drinking at bars or pubs, Lanzhou will not let you down. Lanzhou have two bar streests – Gannan Street (甘南路) and Maijishan Road (麦积山路).


Chocolate Bar & Coffee
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