Lanzhou Waterwheel, Lanzhou Waterwheel Park

Having a glimpse of the 20km green belt along the Yellow River is a must for every first time visitor. One of the gems on the green park south of the Yellow River is the Grand Park of Waterwheel in Lanzhou.

This is a theme park on waterwheel in Lanzhou. On August 26, 2005, the grand park of Lanzhou Waterwheel was built to duplicate the great sight of waterwheels standing in great numbers on the both sides of the Yellow River passing through the city of Lanzhou 50 years ago.

The Waterwheel Park is located on the East Section of South River Bank Road, to the west of Zhongli Bridge and to the east of Zhongshan Bridge. It is composed of three parts – Waterwheel Square, Waterwheel Garden and Cultural Square.

Lanzhou waterwheels were first built and invented by Mr. Duan Xu from Lanzhou 1n 1556 (Ming Dynasty). The waterwheels have peculiar structures with exquisite handcraft and vigorous style.

It raises water with skip buckets up to the canal for gravity irrigation while it is being propelled to turn around by automatic flow of river. Lanzhou has been reputed as “the City of Waterwheel”.

Mr. Duan Xu, the inventor of the waterwheel in Lanzhou


Mr. Duan Xu, the inventor of the waterwheel in Lanzhou



waterwheel 1




waterwheel 2




waterwheel 3



waterwheel 4


waterwheel 6


Travel Tips:
Bus Lines: 140, 26
Entrance fee: RMB 10
Visiting time: 40 minutes
Opening hours:

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